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Oslo Walking Tours: The Best Ways of Exploring the Norwegian Capital

Oslo is an impressively beautiful city that combines its glorious history dating back to the Age of Vikings with numerous ancient monuments and runes along with old buildings from the recent history, as well as attributes of a modern, present-day city with its stunning contemporary infrastructure. Nordiva Tours has a number of Oslo walking tours on offer that can introduce you this magnificent city, namely: Oslo City Highlights, The Essential Oslo Walking Tour, Walking Tour: Oslo Transformed, and Explore the Historic Side of Oslo. What are the differences? What is better to choose for getting to know the city better? Below, we give some insight about these tours.

The first tour, Oslo City Highlights, is a perfect option for those tourists who want to get to know the most about the central part of the city while getting some information for further solo journeys throughout the city. In particular, this tour, among the other Oslo walking tours, is mostly focused on the most outstanding edifices of Oslo, such as Oslo City walking tours in OsloHall, which was named as “The Structure of the Century of Oslo” in 2005, the Storting (this way is called the parliament in Norway) building, which was built back in the middle of the 19th century, and the Royal Palace of Oslo, which serves as the residence of the country’s monarch. In addition to that, the tourists will get an opportunity to see gorgeous, majestic buildings located in Kvadraturen, an area in the city’s center. In brief, the tour covers the most important places and buildings in the central part of Oslo and gives you the information for further discovering of the city on your own.

On the other hand, the Explore the Historic Side of Oslo tour also includes visits to the Royal Palace and the famous City Hall. However, this tour will be of a particular interest for people who fancy discovering historic Norway walking toursfacts and visiting notable places. Unlike the other Oslo walking tours, this excursion provides an opportunity to visit the famous medieval castle, named Akershus Fortress, which was constructed back in the 1290s. At the present time, this fortress is one of the major tourist attractions of Norway. At the end of the journey, the visitors will have a chance to gaze at the calming, captivating Oslo fjord.

If you prefer to explore (or you are not interested in) historic sights on your own, take a notice of the Essential Oslo Walking Tour. The most notable part of the tour is a visit to the beautiful seafront at Aker Brygge, which, however, may be a little bit crowded (depending on the part of the day), since it has become a popular venue for locals and tourists. The tour will also provide you with all information you need about how to spend your leisure time and what are the best places for a visit. You will definitely find no problems with getting the information about where it is best to go shopping, where to entertain yourself (cinemas, operas, theaters, etc.), and where to relish delicious dishes of the Norwegian (or other) cuisine.

After all, the Walking Tour: Oslo Transformed is created for those people who enjoy gazing at and visiting contemporary edifices that can be called not least than architectural masterpieces the most. A special emphasis is made on the building of the Opera, known among locals as Operahuset, which conceals a lot of amusing facts and unbelievable stories (which, of course, will be narrated by our guide). The tour focuses on discovering how the city has changed over time and what changes it is undergoing now, and you will have an opportunity to have a look at the futuristic as well as simply modern buildings in Tjuvholmen, Aker Brygge, and Kvadraturen areas. Yet, do not expect to miss seeing the majestic building of Oslo City Hall, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century but appears to be a quite modern city hall.

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Aker Brygge


Indeed, each of the Oslo walking tours will find its audience, but they complement each other fairly well, focusing on various aspects of the Norway’s miscellaneous capital. And it is surely impossible to discover this city and perceive its atmosphere during just one visit.


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