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Norway’s Nature: A Spellbinding Journey Through its Scenery

Available between May and October

Norway’s Nature: A Spellbinding Journey Through its Scenery is an epic adventure that takes you on a journey through some of the most stunning landscapes in Norway. The trip starts in Oslo, the capital city of Norway, and takes you on a journey through Oppland and Loen, two of the country’s most beautiful regions. From there, you’ll travel to Flåm, a picturesque village known for its stunning fjords and scenic railway. Next, you’ll visit Bergen, a historic city known for its colorful wooden buildings. From there, you’ll head to Geiranger, a stunning fjord village surrounded by towering mountains and crystal-clear waters.

  • Accommodation in boutique hotels
  • Railway and Cruise tickets
  • Rental car
  • City tours in Bergen and Oslo
  • Activities and admissions along the route
  • Detailed itinerary and agent support


Day 1. Arrival in Oslo

Welcome to the Norwegian capital! Oslo is always lively and full of life, and you have a perfect chance to visit the city’s famous boutiques, cafés, and bars during your first evening here. Have a relaxing stroll across the historic center and appreciate the city’s architectural masterpieces.

Sightseeing tour of Oslo

After having a delicious breakfast at your hotel, venture to explore this magnificent Nordic city, walk down Karl Johans gate, a bustling two-lane central street, and see some of the finest examples of architecture in the city. Marvel at the beauty of the Royal Palace in the city’s heart.

After exploring the historic center, embark on a walk along the shore of Oslofjord. Start your stroll from the Opera quarter, a modern district with a star building – the ultra-modern Oslo Opera House. During this promenade, you will visit other essential attractions in the city: the ancient Akershus Fortress, the red-brick Oslo City Call, Aker Brygge, and Tjuvholmen.

Before returning to the hotel, don’t miss a chance to visit some of the city’s state-of-the-art museums. The National Museum, MUNCH, Fram, and Kon-Tiki Museums are the places you should consider visiting.

Overnight in Oslo.

Day 3. The First Leg of “Norway in a Nutshell” Journey

Once you have breakfast and checked out of the hotel, you will head to the train station and take a train to Myrdal, a high-altitude train station in the mountains.

At Myrdal, you will board a train and start your Flåmsbana ride, which many describe as the world’s most scenic train ride. You will get a chance to marvel at lush green valleys surrounded by imposing mountains with spectacular waterfalls running down these giant rock formations. You will make a short stop near the roaring Kjossfossen and watch a short yet charming performance.

After arriving in the mountain village of Flåm, check in at the hotel. You can dine at the hotel’s restaurant or head for a drink and some delicious meals at the local Aegir Brewery, just across the street.

Overnight in Flåm.

Day 4. The Second Leg of “Norway in a Nutshell” Journey

Have breakfast and check out from the hotel. Your day will start with a one-of-a-kind fjord cruise through Nærøyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site. As you sail across the waters of this stunning fjord, you will have a few hours of pure aesthetic satisfaction.

After arriving in Gudvangen, take a bus and witness the stunning lush greenery of Naeroydalen (also UNESCO-listed) as you will make your way to Voss on a steep mountain serpentine. In Voss, take a scenic train ride to Bergen – the final leg of the “Norway in a Nutshell” journey.

Check-in at a historical hotel in Bergen.

Day 5. Explore Bergen

This entire day will be dedicated to sightseeing in Bergen, which is often called Norway’s most beautiful city. After having breakfast at the hotel, visit the colorful, UNESCO-listed Bryggen, a series of ancient commercial buildings of the Hanseatic League.

Sightseeing in the historic center of Bergen is perfect during the daytime. As the evening approaches, don’t miss a chance to take a cable car to Mount Fløyen and get a spectacular view of the city.

Overnight in Bergen.

Day 6. Drive from Bergen to Skjolden

After checking out from the hotel, pick up your rental car. Today you will embark on an off-the-beaten-path road trip with lots of excellent hiking trails, scenic spots, and countless opportunities to taste authentic local cuisine. The first stop of your journey is the charming little village of Skjolden, nestled on the shore of Sognefjord.

Overnight in Skjolden.

Day 7. Drive on the Sognefjellet Tourist Road and arrive in Lom

Today’s trip will lie through the picturesque Sognefjellet Tourist Road, often referred to as the “roof of Norway.” While driving through this fabulous mountainous countryside, you will get a perfect view of Galdhopiggen, the country’s highest mountain. You can opt to stay in one of the lodges alongside the road or continue to Lom, where you are guaranteed a fabulous stay in a historic hotel.

Day 8. Drive from Lom to Geiranger

After checking out from the hotel, you will embark on a short but scenic drive to Geiranger, a beautiful village on the UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord. You can stop at the Dalsnibba Vantage Point and enjoy spectacular views of the fjord and snow-capped mountains.

You will spend the rest of the day in Geiranger, where you can stay in one of the village’s historic hotels and taste delicious meals in local eateries. In your free time, you can enjoy the splendid nature in this picturesque place or relax in a hotel’s spa.

Day 9. Spend a day in Geiranger

While staying in this idyllic place, you can dedicate the entire day to exciting activities and enjoy Norway’s fabulous nature at its fullest. If you are into hiking, there are many accessible, marked treks around the village. Needless to say, the views are spectacular. Alternatively, you can embark on a fjord cruise or try kayaking in the rowdy waters.

Overnight in Geiranger.

Day 10. Fjord cruise and drive from Geiranger to Loen

As you resume your trip, this day will start with a beautiful fjord cruise to Hellesylt. Then, you will drive to the scenic village of Loen, which has some outstanding hotels and outdoor cabins (for aficionados of Norway’s nature). With half of the day free, you can try outdoor activities like ferrata, kayaking, or ziplining.
Overnight in Loen.

Day 11. Drive to Valdres area

The drive from Loen to Beitestolen is an easy one, and the views along the way are breathtaking. The road winds its way through stunning landscapes, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the fjords, mountains, and forests.

Beitestolen, also known as “The Home of the Mountain Gods”, is a must-visit destination for those traveling to Norway. The Beitestolen hike is one of the most popular in the country, and it’s not hard to see why. The hike takes you up to a breathtaking viewpoint that overlooks the stunning Stølstinden mountain and the surrounding landscapes. On a clear summer day, you can see for miles in every direction, and the view is truly spellbinding.

Overnight in Beitestølen.

Day 12. Return to Oslo

Once you’ve taken in the views from Beitestolen, it’s time to continue your journey to Oslo. The drive from Beitestolen to Oslo takes around 4 hours and takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Norway. Along the way, you’ll pass by rolling hills, sparkling lakes, and lush forests, and the drive is a true feast for the eyes.

Overnight in Oslo.

Departure home

Although the vacation has ended, we hope to leave you with a sense of fulfillment and the knowledge that you experienced one of the most beautiful parts of Norway.

After breakfast and hotel check-out, you will board a bus to the airport and depart home.


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