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Our Company’s Novelty: Bespoke Tours

Nordiva Tours is happy to come up with a new service for our clients, which is called Bespoke Tours. This service turns out to be a perfect choice for travelers who have already made up their minds about the cities they want to visit and places they want to see, yet don’t know how to do it or are limited in time. This short article explains how this service works and why it may be a good idea to resort to it.

What Are Bespoke Tours?

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The word “bespoke” is typically referred to as the synonym of “tailored,” i.e. custom-designed, created for an individual order. So, bespoke tours are created for individuals or groups of individuals who plan to visit the same places within the same period of time.

Such personally crafted, exquisite tours allow tourists to get the most out of their journeys, obtaining unique experience and unforgettable emotions. Scandinavian countries are not the easiest places for solo travels or travels without guiding, and the service of bespoke tours ensures that your dream trip will go as it was planned and you will visit the places you craved for so long.

How Does the Service of Bespoke Tours Work?

bespoke tours in Scandinavia

If you have decided to take advantage of the exclusively tailored trip to Scandinavia, you need to make one action: contact us on our website, via email, or WhatsApp. Once you provide us with such information like your preferences, interests, time of arrival and departure, budget level, we will be able to start planning your trip right away.

After having submitted all the necessary information to us, you can take some time off and let us work. It’s the time when we start working and come up with suggestions regarding your schedule and route. If you submit your preferences about routes or express a wish to take a certain route, we will consider them and try to implement in the tour itinerary in the best possible way. Yet, we are able to make some changes to the itinerary with a purpose of providing the best travel experience and meeting your expectations.

Once that has been done, you will obtain a package offer from our company. From your side, it will be needed to make a payment for the package and receive the entire set of documents by mail or other online methods that are comfortable for you. Besides, we send the documents in paper to the hotel where you will stay during your first day (upon request and if necessary, though).

After all these milestones (that appear to be pretty easy and fast) are passed, you have to do only one thing – head to the Scandinavia on your journey and enjoy a fantastic trip with a private tour, provided by us. Our consultants will guide during your entire trip and our support service will be available 24/7. Our specifically tailored itineraries are unique in their nature, allowing our clients to get the real sense of the authentic Scandinavia.

At the end…

This way, it can be surely said that there is nothing than having your trip perfectly planned and exclusively tailored for your needs. This reason is already solid enough to think about resorting to the service of bespoke tours. Considering that the entire process barely requires any actions from your side, one may definitely claim that buying bespoke tours is one of the most comfortable ways of spending your holidays.

This page will definitely help you to find out about how bespoke tours work step by step and order one for yourself.

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