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Frozen 2 and Norway: Witness The Familiar Places Live

Frozen 2, a sequel to the sensational animated movie about a princess in a fairy world, has been no less popular than its first part. But as our previous article pointed out, that fairy world wasn’t made from scratch. The producers and scriptwriters have been heavily influenced by Norway’s nature, culture, and traditions, and there are many episodes that will surely remind you of this beautiful country.

In the new movie, Queen Elsa embarks on a quest to find the source of her special powers, and her route lies from the beautiful fjord valley of Arendelle into the unknown. Frozen 2 has many characters and landscapes reminiscent of Norway, which is why our company has come up with a unique Frozen Tour in Norway. Here, let’s discover what in Norway may remind you of the movie.

Akershus Fortress

Frozen 2 based on Norway

Akershus Fortress and Castle, located at the heart of Oslo and dating back to as early as 1297, had played a vital role in protecting this city. Also, this fortress inspired Arendelle, and the tiny little ponds near it may remind you of those ponds in the movie, where workers (like Kristoff) used to cut ice blocks and sell them overseas. Besides, see the Troll on the highest hill in the city right there!

Stave Churches

Frozen 2 Norway Tour

Stave churches are another stunning example of how Norway has influenced Frozen’s creators. In the first episode of Frozen, Elsa’s coronation takes place in the Arendelle chapel, which looks very similar to Norway’s stave churches. And while such churches were widespread in medieval Europe, only around 30 are known to have been preserved until the present times (most of them are located in Norway).

Besides, it is worth noting that our Frozen Tour in Norway also includes a visit to the Lom Stave Church (Lom Stavkyrkje). Even though that church dates back to the 12th century, it was rebuilt around the 17th century. So, embarking on that tour is an excellent way to discover the fairy world of Frozen as well.

Norwegian Fjords

Frozen 2 and Norwegian Fjords

The fabulous Norwegian nature – and the gorgeous fjords in particular – play a key role in Frozen. How might one even forget about the location of beautiful Arendelle? And considering that there are over 1,000 majestic fjords in Norway, it might be tough to choose where to travel.

Our Frozen Tour in Norway includes some of the most famous fjords in Western Norway. However, it is precisely Geiranger Village (pictured above) with its fabulous fjord, which will surely remind you of Frozen. Not surprisingly, the movie creators embodied exactly this location in the movie.

Norwegian Winter

What connects Frozen 2 to Norway?

It isn’t easy to imagine Norway without snow. It would be equally impossible to watch Frozen and see no snow there. Given the love of the Norwegians for winter sports, it is not surprising that the winter season plays such a big role in the lives of Norwegians. And it’s precisely the Frozen movie where you can observe these typically Norwegian winters. Why not experience this fabulous atmosphere in reality?

Northern Lights

Why Frozen 2 is so similar to Norway?

Nature is the cornerstone of Frozen. There, you can marvel at the beautiful green valleys bordering deep blue fjords, snowy mountain peaks, and adverse yet beautiful weather with heavy snow. But one phenomenon you should absolutely see while in Norway is aurora borealis. The northern lights make this region unique in some way, even though many locals are accustomed to it – many people who live in Tromsø may observe the Northern Lights while heading to work or school in winter.

Our company organizes different Northern Lights Safari tours, and you may contact us to find out more about such an opportunity. But if you wish to embark on the Northern Lights safari on your own, these Northern Lights Tips will definitely help you.

Norwegian Culture and Folklore

Frozen 2 and Culture of Norway

Without a doubt, the culture and traditions in Frozen are reminiscent of those of Norway. What about, for instance, the Nidaros Cathedral (in Trondheim), which looks entirely like the cathedral from the movie? Or the reindeer rides, which may often be encountered in the Norwegian rural regions?

Our Frozen Tour in Norway offers you to acquaint yourself with the culture and folklore of this beautiful Scandinavian country. You will not only visit historical sites (some of which are very similar to those in the movie) and hear stories about how the locals lived in the past, but you will also have a chance to taste local meals (some of which – such as Spekemet – can also be noticed in Frozen 2).

Sami Culture

Sami Culture and Frozen 2 Movie

Northern Norway is a region that resembles Arendelle very much, and it’s the region of the Sami people. Without a doubt, the Sami culture had a profound influence on Frozen 2. Do you remember the episodes in which the movie’s heroines encountered characters who ride reindeer? That’s precisely the prototype of the Sami people, and the creators of Frozen worked hard and collaborated with the Sami people to create those Nordhuldra characters.

Apart from the reindeer sledding, there are many parts of the Sami culture one may experience. Whether it is going about living in the Sami hut or visiting local Sami museums, all of it is worth giving a shot at.

Mythical Creatures

Norwegian folklore in Frozen 2

As we have already pointed out in our previous article about Frozen, mythical creatures that populate the world of Frozen have been taken from Norwegian folklore. Especially we couldn’t overlook such mythical creatures like trolls, which are predominantly attributed to Norway. And no wonder, even nowadays, one may hear about places such as Trolltunga, Trollfjorden, and Trollstigen.

New characters also appeared in Frozen 2, but you should especially look out for the intimidating Nøkk. Actually, it is based on Norwegian myths and stories about Nøkken, the Norwegian water spirit.

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