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One-Day Trip to Uppsala


Uppsala is all about history and culture, with religion and learning at the core of its nearly 1000-year existence as a Christian center. An ancient castle overlooks the town which has 18 hours of daylight at the time of the summer solstice. With a walk along the historical buildings, a one-day trip to Uppsala is well worth as visitors get transported into a relaxed and leisurely environment.

Historical buildings

Cathedral of Uppsala

Cathedral in Uppsala

The Cathedral and the University are situated together while the University library and the Castle are close to each other. The University is the biggest library in Sweden. Within the castle, you can get engrossed in a number of fascinating original museums. The city also has a botanical heritage in the form of Carolus Linnaeus. There are two botanical gardens near the castle.

Outside the city

The ancient settlement that predated the present-day Uppsala lies to the North of the city. You can also reach out to the Stockholm Archipelago from Uppsala with access to the Roslagen region. There is plenty of countryside around the city to make for a pleasant diversion away from history and culture. As you go to North of the city along the river Fyris, you get to see many beautiful locales.

Range of cuisines

Uppsala Caffe

Guntherska sweets are irresistible!

Visitors can enjoy street food at Dylan’s Grill, which is noted for its burgers. The international menu can be sampled at Dryck, while Sherlocks is a pub that has a reputation for its ambiance. If you are looking for Scandinavian food, Villa Anna is the place to go. When you feel like you want to relax in a café after you have done the rounds of all the sights, you can settle down in Guntherska Hovkonditori & Schweizeri, which has some of the best reviews in entire Uppsala. It is located in the center of the city. Traditional Swedish coffee has a great reputation and Uppsala offers a large number of cafes that are all about relishing both the coffee and the ambiance.

For those looking for some Asian flavors:

  • Ahaan Thai features in the rankings with top reviews
  • Another Asian restaurant in Uppsala is Jay Fu’s by the riverside
  • Chinese cuisine is available at Golden China.

Aaltos Italian Grill & Garden serves Italian cuisine, while Akropolis serves Greek cuisine. You also have British, Indian, French, American, Ethiopian, and Fusion cuisines in Uppsala.

Uppsala winters span the period from late November until the middle of March. Summer begins in the middle of May and goes on until the end of September. Precipitation can be noticed in Uppsala from June to November with a monthly average of about 50 millimeters. In August, rainfall is the highest and reaches close to 75 millimeters. Snow is seen in the period from November to March.

The city can be reached in just a bit more than 35 minutes by train and about 20 minutes by flight. By car, Uppsala is one hour away in the direction of the E4 road. Hotels are available both in modern as well as old-fashioned styles, while hostels are also available.

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