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Electric Fjord Cruises in Norway Pave the Way to Greater Sustainability

If you live anywhere beyond Scandinavia, Norway may well be your role model in sustainability. This northern country ranks high in many of the world’s sustainability ratings – notably in the influential Sustainability Development Report – and this conscious attitude to the environment seems to be deeply enshrined in the Norwegian culture.

Norway is a leading force in sustainability in a number of ways, from recycling and biofuel production to the adoption of electric vehicles by the public. However, fjord cruises – the most popular travel product among tourists – caused massive emissions until recently. Yet, this situation is rapidly changing, and we are going to uncover what is the new, eco-friendly approach to fjord cruises in this article.

Why Sustainability Matters?

At the core of sustainability lies the idea that all resources – such as the nature and environment – are not inexhaustible and should not be taken for granted. Thus, countries should make efforts and dedicate investments in order to preserve their environment. This, in turn, boosts the economies of such countries and gives rise to new businesses and industries.

To put it simply, sustainability isn’t merely morally right. It also brings economic benefits to society as a whole, in the long run. Running eco-friendly fjord tours is one of a thousand ways to make Norway more sustainable, and you can support this green initiative by contacting us and ordering an eco-friendly fjord tour.

Sustainability in Norway

As we have already pointed out above, Norway has been leading in adopting new technologies and innovations that would help it achieve greater sustainability. Currently, the country has the biggest number of electric cars per capita in the world and aims to reach 95% of all vehicles in use to be powered by green energy by 2025. In fact, the share of electric vehicles in the country grew from just 1% in 2011 up to the stunning 77.8% in 2022, meaning that Norway is definitely on the right track.

Norway’s other important endeavor to stress is the country’s goal to become climate neutral by 2030, while the EU plans to achieve it only by 2050. Given that Norway is truly blessed with nature, it’s only expected that the country’s 95% of energy production comes from eco-friendly hydropower energy.

But even in the background of all this progress, sustainable living squeezes into every part of life in this country. And, as we are going to find out, fjord cruises are not an exception.


Electric Fjord Cruises

Copyright by Havila Kystruten/Marius Beck Dahle


Electric Fjord Cruises from Brim and The Fjords

For a long time, the industry of fjord cruises wasn’t much responsive to these changes in sustainability. At first, Hurtigruten, a famous Norwegian exploration cruise line, introduced new hybrid explorer ships “Roald Amundsen” and “Fridtjof Nansen,” named after the two famous Norwegian explorers. The new ships can be powered by electric propulsion for 15-30 minutes, allowing the company to cut the emissions from such ships by up to 20%.

However, Brim Explorer is the company that decided to set the use of eco-friendly ships for fjord cruises as an industry standard. It is expected that the number of ships that have a minimal impact on the environment owned by this company will grow to six soon. Currently, the most famous company’s ships are Brim (operates in Tromsø and Lofoten), Bard (in Tromsø and Svalbard), and Bris (Oslo).

All of these ships have a minimal impact on the environment and produce minimal noise while offering the perfect experience to the customers. Besides, the MS Bris vessel features fully electric propulsion, making it one of the most sustainable vessels in the world. All in all, the customers can enjoy breathtaking views and a high-end experience without the hassle, noise, and pollution.

Another company that offers eco-friendly fjord cruises is Havila Voyages. The company’s ships are capable of sailing for four hours without producing any emissions. Besides, the energy-efficient design of these ships and the world’s largest battery pack in a ship ensure that the environmental impact remains minimal, without compromising on the customers’ comfort.

Such innovations and the adoption of new technologies pave the way to Norway’s carbon neutrality. If you would like to support this green initiative, you can order one of the classy fjord cruises by contacting us now.

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