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Best Trekking Routes in Norway from Nordiva Tours

Norway is a country that tends to be an ideal destination for the fanciers of active sports – regardless of whether it is going about winter or summer sports. Yet, given all those beautiful Norwegian landscapes and diverse nature, this country must be a perfect place for trekkers and hikers from all over the world. In one of our previous articles (namely, in this one), we have listed and described the best trekking routes in Norway. This time, however, we are going to disclose what are the best trekking routes in Norway, for which you can order the tours from our company and enjoy the beautiful and diverse nature of this Scandinavian country.

Best Trekking Routes in Norway from Nordiva: Bymarka

Best Hiking Routes in Norway from Nordiva ToursWhen it comes to trekking around Trondheim, Bymarka, a recreation ground in the western part of the city, is one of the best places to do so. With an area of 80 square kilometers, there are more than 200 kilometers of walking trails. Exactly that fact makes this area so popular among skiers and trekkers – while the area is perfect for off-country skiing in winter, it can boast impressive landscapes and diverse nature in the summer, offering ubiquitous opportunities for hikers and trekkers.

This area is popular among trekkers thanks to the beautiful nature in the first place, as well as the absence of abrupt hills. Overall, the maximum ascent doesn’t exceed 300 meters, while the elevation at Bymarka varies from 200 to 565 meters above sea level, which makes this place especially attractive for trekkers seeking relatively easy terrain.

The area of Bymarka is mostly forested and features around 10 lakes. Though there is an option (and we highly suggest it to you) to ascend the hill with around 400 meters of vertical climbing, and you will be able to observe the entire area and the stunning Trondheimsfjord from there. Do you want to book a trekking tour or other types of tours in Trondheim? Make an inquiry on our website.

Best Trekking Routes in Norway from Nordiva: Pulpit Rock

Climbing the Pulpit Rock is rather a trekking route and is available almost for any hiker, thanks to the relative simplicity of the route. In exchange for spending a couple of hours hiking, you will get a stunning view of the Lysefjorden and the gorgeous mountains, located nearby. This trekking route was also included in the previous article of the best trekking routes in Norway overall, but our company also offers tours to this attraction, one of the most popular among tourists.

The Pulpit Rock is located just 25 kilometers away from Stavanger and tends to be an easily accessible attraction. It is just elevated at 604 meters above the sea level, and the stairs up there were upgraded in 2014. That all ensure that you will be able to reach the top within 2-4 hours and get an opportunity to enjoy a stunning perspective. Do you want to order a tour of Pulpit Rock? Make an inquiry on our website!

Best Trekking Routes in Norway from Nordiva: Mountain Walking Tour Around Tromsø

places to go in norwayTromsø, a city in the north of Norway, is surrounded by gorgeous mountains, which offer numerous opportunities for trekking and hiking. The Mountain Walking Tour, offered by our company, allows you to visit the best spots around the city and get a breathtaking perspective on Tromsø.

The area around Tromsø abounds with diverse fauna, namely eagles and reindeer. Though the route will largely depend on the weather and your preferences, so it will be tailored specially for your needs. Though, one should point out that the glacier walk is a blow-your-socks-off one.

Best Trekking Routes in Norway from Nordiva: Trolltunga

The famous Troll Tongue hike is, perhaps, one of the most difficult hikes in Norway and envisages 10-12 hours of hiking. As a reward, you will get a stunning view of the fjords and mountains, as well as a nice photo of you standing on Trolltunga. Yet, you need to be well-prepared for this trek, and you can find out more about the preparation for this hiking on the following page: Trolltunga Hiking: Difficulties One May Face During Ascent.

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