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Snowmobiling Tour: Experience a Wonderful Winter Time

If you are a real, passionate fan of winter adventures and sport, especially of such sports like skiing and snowboarding, you have probably heard of snowmobiling and even had an opportunity to try it. A snowmobiling tour implies a short winter trip with the help of a snowmobile (or a snow machine) vehicle. Indeed, it is not exactly a type of sport, as you have almost nothing to do except ruling your vehicle. Yet, such winter trips appear to be especially startling and captivating, as well as they sometimes bring a lot of adventures with tons of emotions, and Nordiva Tours offers you a couple of ways of such an exciting pastime.


Tromsø snowmobiling tour

Both above-mentioned tours are called Snowmobile Safari, and they offer you an exciting opportunity to explore the marvelous Lyngen Alps, located in Norway’s northeast. You may take either a daytime or an evening tour there, any of which lasts 7 hours. With the use of a snowmobile, you will be able to overcome many times more distance than by simply ski-touring and, in addition, without putting a lot of effort. All you have to do is just to rule your vehicle and enjoy the picturesque scenery. Besides, keep in mind that snowmobiles are usually designed for two persons, and this way the person who sits behind the driver will be able just to enjoy a fabulous gait to the mountains.

Throughout your terrific journey to the mountains, you will be able to stop for a while and take stunning photos of the authentic, almost untouched by humans’ environment. Moreover, you will get to know how the view of the mountains mystically transforms during the day – from morning until noon or from noon till evening. It is an incredible experience, and after such a never-to-be-forgotten trip you will feel that the mountains will always contain a piece of mystery.

After all, a trip with the use of snowmobiles can bring you a lot of emotions that a typical ski touring or snowshoeing cannot bring to you. You will discover a new bouquet of emotions for yourself, and the tour is already worth trying due to this simple reason.

However, what do you know about snowmobiles (they are also often called sleds)? Probably not much, as does any other person who is not obsessively interested in this sphere. Indeed, the first snowmobiles (or, it would be better to say, vehicles that were similar to the presently-known snowmobiles) appeared at the beginning of the XX century. In 1910, Igor Sikorsky, a famous inventor, and resident of Kyiv then, invented the “air sled” that was driven then by a propeller and running on skis. In 1920, American inventor Carl Eliason designed the first prototype of a snowmobile. Later, the development of such vehicles had been going on, especially after the Second World War, even though it would be better to say that the development of snowmobiles was tightly connected with the advances in engines.


The first snowmobile

In 1954, David Johnson, Paul Knochenmus, and Orlen Johnson took a decision to work out the first snowmobile and even founded their own company in order to bring the vehicle to a mass market. However, they failed and the company was sold. The really rapid development of snowmobiles appeared to be at the beginning of 1960, the time when engines became much lighter and smaller. At the present time, snowmobiles are naturally mass-produced, particularly by 4 large snowmobile makers from North America.

Indeed, no wonder that during the last decades the snowmobiles have gained popularity despite the heavy criticisms of environmentalists. They are typically safe vehicles that bring a lot of comfort and emotions. Such a great combination is a reason why many people make a decision to go on a trip with the use of snowmobiles.

However, it does not matter whether you are a really passionate fan of snowmobiling or you are skeptical of these devices, as it is worth trying to go on such a journey at least once. And, indeed, you can be sure that never-to-be-forgotten emotions will overflow you.

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