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ONE LIFE’s adventures in Norway

When we reached out to Nordiva team, we had only a very general idea about what to expect from our journey. Indeed, our alpha and omega were to get an experience of active sports. Nordiva contacted hoteliers, climbing and rafting instructors,  bus drivers who were familiar with arduous Norwegians roads well to discuss the itinerary. Together, they created this short yet intense tour.





In particular, we focused our efforts on providing an amazing opportunity to enjoy active sports and visit many breathtaking sights and places. The Flam Railway, perhaps the most beautiful journey by train in the world, lies through terrific waterfalls and steep mountains, allowing you to gaze the nature untouched by the humans. A visit to Geiranger, a tiny village nestled near huge and incredible mountains, may be a start point for your traveling throughout the startling mountains, providing wonderful scenery. The amazing Vossfossen waterfall does not need any description since one can barely express that supermundane beauty in words.

Furthermore, ONE LIFE could experience thrilling rafting on the surpassing Norwegian rivers. Glacier hiking, included naturally in the tour, is a dream of any active sports fan, and the group had many possibilities to attempt it. Our instructors helped and ensured safety while ONE LIFE members had fun with climbing and thrilling.

The tour developed by us lets travellers acquaint themselves with a real, authentic Norway and visit the places the would never otherwise experience. An adventurous vacation gifts never-to-be-forgotten emotions and experience as well as a chance to take killer photos of the wonderful nature.

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