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Enjoy a Classy Voyage with Hurtigruten

Usually named as the most beautiful voyage of the world, Hurtigruten represents a route along the coastline of Norway. During the last decades, it has become a unique and outstanding tourist attraction, offering memorable trips with fabulous perspectives. Its origin dates back to 1893 when the Norwegian government decided to establish the company in order to improve communications along the coast. Richard With, who captained the ship during the first Hurtigruten voyage, is considered to be the founder of the company. Even though Hurtigruten was used mostly for serving cargo needs, in the 1980s the company started to focus mostly on tourism.

Look for a suitable type of the Hurtigruten voyage

At the present time, Hurtigruten serves the needs of the Norwegians with its daily sails from Bergen to Kirkenes. Yet, the company offers special coastal voyages that attract many tourists from all over the world. While sailing as close as possible to the coastline, you get an opportunity to enjoy a spellbinding view and acquaint yourself with the unrepeatable, authentic Norwegian culture.

Hurtigruten Cruise

Hammerfest port

When having such a coastal trip, you will be able to visit up to 34 ports of Norwegian cities, thus being able to get to know Norwegian everyday life, let alone communicating with the Norwegians on shipboard. The emphasis on a coastal journey, however, is put exactly on a marvelous view and relaxing atmosphere, and that is the reason why you should choose the right time for your trip. Although the view that opens up in front of you is always enchanting, some tourists crave to experience a smashing appearance of the Northern Lights that takes place only in winter. In the same way, you can enjoy the Midnight Sun only in summer. Yet, you can be sure that you will have a never-to-be-forgotten experience whatever time of the year it is.

More adventurous and inquisitive tourists may choose the option of taking an explorer voyage, offered by Hurtigruten. Having taken this unique tour, you will be able to travel further to Spitsbergen, Iceland, Greenland, and Antarctica. There is no doubt that you will have a striking, unforgettable perspective on the landscapes of those overseas lands. A nice crew and a soothing atmosphere aboard will allow you to relax in your transmarine adventure.

In addition to the above-mentioned options, you may also add some places and ports for visiting your coastal voyage. It is a quite good choice if you do not dare to take an explorer voyage, but still want to add something special to your journey. Hurtigruten ensures that you will get a never-to-be-forgotten experience and feelings; everything else (like conditions, places for visiting) is up to you.


What’s on shipboard?

What is important to many tourists, you will have a decent level of comfort with comfy cabins and delicious dishes on your trip. In particular, you will be accommodated in a well-looking cabin, some of which have minibars, TV, sitting area, and even access to a private balcony. You are able to choose a cabin of whatever grade you wish, though I do not think that you will have any time for TV.

Hurtigruten CruiseIt is worth mentioning that Hurtigruten takes advantage of visiting over 30 ports during a journey and gets fresh products from locals every time. Therefore, all the delicious dishes aboard are cooked from authentic Norwegian ingredients, giving you an opportunity to enjoy a genuine taste of Norwegian dishes.

However, there are different menus on the ship for every season, beginning with the Bergen fish soup that you can find in a summer menu and ending with a leg of lamb from the autumn menu. Yet, it is impossible to list or count all those dishes offered aboard. A large variety of dishes on a menu will surely satisfy even the most refined gourmet. In addition to that, all the dishes cooked aboard typically belong to the Norwegian cuisine and take their origin from various cities and regions of Norway. For instance, the already-mentioned leg of lamb takes its origin from Trondheim and Rorvik. As for me, there may be nothing better than enjoying picturesque views while being able to taste dishes of the national Norwegian cuisine.

In general, you will have either bountiful buffets or three-course dinners aboard, depending on the season. Naturally, most of the dishes will come with seafood and vegetables. Delicious traditional Norwegian desserts perfectly suit the rest of the menu.

Furthermore, it would be reasonable to advise you to pre-book excursions, if you are interested in them. Unfortunately, a few or no free places may be left when you will be aboard. Of course, there are internet and laundry services provided on the shipboard. After all, you can buy a postcard, souvenirs or books in the ship’s souvenir shop, because it is natural that you want something tangible to be left with you after your unforgettable trip.

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