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Navigate The World Through Virtual Experiences

Virtual experiences are a fantastic novel product, enabled by the use of modern technology. With the help of this product, you can travel anywhere from the comfort of your couch! Besides, virtual experiences exist not only in a form of virtual travel tours but can also be tailored as classes or training sessions. Now, you can learn more about this great product in our article below!

What Are Virtual Experiences?

Virtual experiences allow customers to book live events (such as sightseeing tours or DIY sessions), led by local guides. One of the most promising and ambitious services is Amazon Explore, which provides customers with an opportunity to try out a local experience of any type from any part of the world.

With such a service, you could easily learn how to cook Secreto Iberico from a local chef from Seville. Alternatively, you may embark on an adventure to witness the famous Trolltunga in Norway or catch the sight of the ancient Coliseum in Rome. And these options are from a complete list. You may make purchases at an authentic shop in Seoul (and your goods will be delivered straight to you) or exercise with your yoga trainer based in India.

Even though you might think that there are YouTube channels that offer something similar, virtual experiences provide you with an opportunity for one-on-one sessions. That’s not just a YouTube video watched by millions of other viewers. That is a personal experience, provided by a professional person who is located thousands of kilometers away from you.

Typically, virtual experiences last between 30 and 60 minutes. Besides, you can cancel or reschedule them 24 hours in advance. There is no need to mention that you will be able to take photos and screenshots at any moment of the session.

Currently, the service is offered by Amazon only for U.S. customers. That being said and considering the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there are plenty of opportunities for further expansion of this service in the years to come. When traveling is tough, there is no better option than take it to the virtual realm.

What Types of Virtual Experiences Are There?

In fact, there are dozens and dozens of industries in which these virtual experiences could be applied. Here, you will learn about the most common categories of virtual experiences.

Cultural experiences. Would you like to have a tour through the Fram Museum in Oslo? Or, perhaps, visit Prado Museum in Madrid? Alternatively, you might wander through Stockholm’s old town or Rio’s beaches. Basically, anything regarding sightseeing and a typical travel tour falls into this category.

Outdoor experiences. If you wish to see the mighty ranges of the Himalayas from Nepal’s high-altitude villages, this is the category you might be most interested in. Or, perhaps, you would like to stroll across Rio’s famous beaches or visit the San Diego zoo? After all, you can enjoy stunning vistas while relishing in the soothing cruise tour.

Skill & knowledge experiences. Have you ever thought of mastering any particular dance style? Perhaps, you might have wished to learn how to play music? Or do some craftwork by yourself? If so, this category is the one you need.

 Food experiences. Such virtual experiences allow you to learn how to cook prominent and less-famous dishes from all over the globe! That being said, one has to point out that you will learn it from chefs and cooks from different continents and cultures. Cook the meals the way the locals do.

Wellness experiences. Are you interested in yoga sessions? Or you would like to improve your fitness training? Consult a nutritionist regarding your diet and habits? Everything concerning a healthy lifestyle and beauty falls into this category.

Event experiences. This category may include everything from the behind-the-scenes streams of popular events and performances up to viewing sports events. But hey, festivals are included in this category, too. So, if you ever wanted to experience the world-famous festival in Rio de Janeiro, this is the right category for you.

Shopping. What could be better than purchasing souvenirs in Nepalese markets or the famous El Rastro flea market and getting your purchases delivered right to you? Shopping has never been so easy, and such a service doesn’t make it any less authentic.

Want To Create Your Own Experience?

If you are one of the people who would like to provide such virtual experiences to the customers, that’s great! However, the verification process and the rules for such virtual experiences are quite stringent and time-consuming.

Educational school is something that would definitely help such people to start serving their customers. If you are interested in creating your own virtual experience tours, we encourage you to sign up using our contact form.

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