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A trip to the vacation home in Norway

Living close to nature has been a dream for many people. During my living in Norway, I have observed how Norwegian people enjoy contacting with nature. As the old saying goes, “you can’t make contact with God unless you have been skiing!”. Apart from skiing, it seems that fishing, picking mushrooms, and tasting berries in nature near a city appears to be a privilege for people who live in the Scandinavian countries. Most usually, they would like to spend their holiday time with their families in the forest or seashore cottages, and it has been a significant social and cultural phenomenon. Or we can perhaps say that this is a part of the Norwegian traditions. Half of the Norwegian population own vacation homes or have an opportunity to get access to the vacation homes. Norway is a European champion in regards to the number of the constructed vacation homes per capita, and it is probably the number one in the world as well.

As a traveler, you might be curious about the activities people perform around vacation homes. How fun would it be to have a “hyttetur”? How does the interior look like, apart from the grass-topped roof and fantastic panorama view of the valley?

Vacation home

A grass-topped vacation home

As an architect or planner, you might have questions like :

What is a significant relationship between human health, well-being, and the landscape? What are the planning strategies for vacation home development in different socio-cultural, economic, geographic contexts? Can our nature sustain with so many vacation homes?


Therefore, trips to vacation homes might help you to find out the answers. For a small group of people, renting a cabin might be more practical than staying in a hotel, yet it will definitely bring a unique experience.

We help you to book vacation homes from small, authentic cottages to large, modern cabins with spa tubs and saunas; from cottages in bigger ski resorts to villas in smaller and quieter places. And we arrange the transportation to the cottages and the way back, where the public transport is usually inaccessible.

Norway landscape

Painting inspired by the landscape



Popular vacation homes are located in such places as, for example, Hafjell near the ski resort; Lofoten for people who want to enjoy the midnight sun and northern lights; Flåm for fjord sightseeing; and southern Norway with romantic villages, characteristic white wooden houses…

Activities you might be interested in are: in the summer, sailing, swimming under the midnight sun, fishing (fish or crab), barbecue, hiking, painting/sketching from nature, etc. while in the winter, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, ice climbing, reading by the fireplace, and cooking a warm meal may be both active and cozy…



Vacation homes activities

Activities for whole families

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