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Travel Trends in 2018 [Infographics]

The essence of tourism is changing dramatically nowadays. What was popular just a couple of years ago (such as female solo travel or, previously, couple travel) doesn’t tend to be that popular anymore. Our infographics will show you what are the travel trends in 2018 you may expect.

travel trends in 2018 infographics

Culinary tourism will still be on the rise. Yet, the focus will be geared towards the authentic food experience instead of dining in expensive, West-like restaurants across the globe. For example, the tourists are rather likely to taste authentic Nepalese dishes in lodges while passing some trek, instead of tasting them while sitting in fashionable restaurants in Kathmandu. Dining with locals will also become more and more popular.

On the other hand, tourists seek to fulfill their needs of achievement while being on a journey. For example, they may want to try climbing Mont Blanc, cycle from one city to another, or swim a challenging route in the open water. There are ample opportunities for the achievement tourism, and it will be among the main travel trends in 2018.

Considering how modern-day business is done, more people will be able to get more time for themselves. Yet, that doesn’t mean abandoning their jobs. So, you are likely to see more tourists with laptops and talking about their jobs while on their journeys in 2018.

While the couple travel was especially popular some years ago, the growing trend of present-day tourism is multigenerational travel. Traveling with your children and parents opens up ample opportunities for people to get closer, and obtain the emotions that they will barely forget. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that multigenerational tourism will be on the rise in 2018.

Apart from it, tourists will also be willing to understand the impact they have on the locals’ lives. The efforts of the conscious tourists will help locals to get their economy more developed, while people will receive directly more money for the services they provide.

Eventually, 2017 was remembered for the “rebellion” of the locals in such cities as Barcelona, Bilbao, and Amsterdam, where they confronted the tourists who came to those cities on their summer vacations. Indeed, such pop destinations get, indeed, overcrowded, and a large number of tourists will turn their sight away from Paris, Barcelona, or London. Instead, they will seek remote, serene, less popular places where they will barely be able to encounter hordes of tourists.

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