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How to Travel Across Norway Off the Beaten Path

Beyond any doubt, Norway is known for a large number of tourist sights, such as the Pulpit Rock, Trolltunga, Flåm Railway, and its numerous fjords. To say nothing about the majestic and contemporary architecture in the Norwegian capital, or the beautiful landscapes around Bergen. Yet, there is also another Norway – yet unexplored by a vast majority of tourists. If you truly want to travel across Norway off the beaten path, you may take advantage of some of the tips given in this article.

tips for getting off the beaten path in norway

Travel Across Norway Off the Beaten Path on a Train

When it comes to traveling across their own country, Norwegians tend to fall for train voyages. In Norway, it appears to be really comfortable to travel on a train, as the country is perfectly interlinked by railways. Moreover, you can reach even Sweden from Oslo (which, however, is located not that from the border) and several other Norwegian cities by train.

Perhaps, anyone who has ever visited Norway has heard of the famous Flåm Railway, which offers picturesque views all the way during the journey. Yet, the trains on that route often get overcrowded by tourists. Isn’t it better to take a train from the neighboring Aurland and enjoy equally fascinating views? But be sure that no matter what route you choose, you will get to observe fantastic views from the windows of your train. Deep fjords, gorgeous mountains, and beautiful landscapes of the Norwegian villages will still be there.

Resort to the Active Sports Activities in the Norwegian Mountains

When it comes to the matter of nature, Norway is typically associated with two words: mountains and fjords. And when it comes to the mountains, we recommend you to be really active in any season. While the summer season offers bountiful opportunities for trekking and hiking (but be aware of the chilling weather in the evening and at night), you can relish in the off-country and alpine skiing in winter.

If you fall for trekking, don’t be deceived into choosing the routes that every tourist knows. Of course, they are worthy of your time and attention. But if you want to explore Norway truly off the beaten path, then you may venture to seek other, less-known routes and less tourist-amassing peaks. After all, Norway’s nature has plenty of something to offer to you.

Head to the Touristically Unpopular Locations

Perhaps, any tourist would try to go to the Lofoten Islands or Bergen. Bergen, the country’s second-largest city, is located on the western coast and tends to be extremely popular among tourists. Yet, there are other, not less beautiful yet less crowded places on the western coast. For example, think about heading to the fishing village under the name Kalvåg. You are also able to visit the town of Florø or head to Værlandet Island. On that island, you can join a guided tour and explore the island’s wildlife. The other way round is exploring the island by bike on your own.

places to go in norway

Explore Oslo Like a Local

If your aim is to travel across Norway off the beaten path, don’t neglect to explore the country’s capital – just do it like a local. Start your journey with a walk along the Akerselva river, which divides the Norwegian capital into eastern and western parts. As you will keep strolling along the river, you will pass by the artistic nightclub called Blå and proceed further to the Mathallen food court. Don’t be hesitating to come in and order something in one of the two dozen or so cafeterias, cafes, bistros, and mini-restaurants.

From the other side of the river, there will be the area called Grünerløkka, a local capital of hipsters. For example, Gallery 69, a private gallery of contemporary art owned by artists and sculptors, is located in the Grünerløkka airport. Before you finish your walk by taking a bus to the city center, don’t forget to drop in Nydalen, the part of Oslo that has been recently constructed.

Keep in Mind

Exploring the country off the beaten path may be tough, but worth it. Don’t be shy to talk to the locals, engage them in dialogues, and, perhaps, find a couple of Norwegian friends who will be ready to embark on an adventure along with you. Then, it is guaranteed that you will travel across Norway off the beaten path.

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