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Summer Holidays in Norway: Top 5 Places to Visit in the Land of Vikings

Spending summer holidays in Norway is always a good idea since this fantastic country with deep fjords, noisy yet beautiful waterfalls, and gorgeous mountains has always captivated the visitors of the Land of Vikings. In this brief article, I am going to talk about the places that have not been left without the attention of tourists, and visiting each of them would be a great idea during your summer trip.

Summer Holidays in Norway and Geiranger

summer in norwayLonely Planet, the world’s leading publisher of guide books, named Geiranger, a tiny Norwegian tourist village in the region of Sunnmøre, as the top travel destination in the entire Scandinavia. And the reason for that lies in the single fact that this quite remote village is located at the end of the majestic Geirangerfjord, a branch of Sunnylvsfjorden. Considering that the village is encircled by gorgeous, towering mountains topped with snow, it does not come as a surprise that the view appears to be so fantastic.

The village is populated by no more than 250 locals, yet Geiranger’s cruise ship port turns out to be the third-largest in the country! Every year, it receives around 300,000 travelers, who come to this remote city on cruise ships. A particular thing about Geiranger in summer is the occurrence of the Geiranger – From Fjord to Summit event. Around 500 participants take place in this event every year in June since it was started in 1994. This event consists of four components: the Dalsnibba Minithon, the Geiranger March, the Dalsnibba Cycle Race, and the Geiranger Half Marathon. Almost all the participants – except of those who take part in the Dalsnibba Minithon – start at sea level and finish on the top of Dalsnibba, a mountain with an altitude of 1,476 meters.

Though, living in such a beautiful, scenic place is not always that great. Åkerneset, another mountain, threatens to erode into the Geirangerfjord, which may cause a wave of tsunami. But in either case, visiting this place during the summer holidays in Norway is, indeed, much recommended.

The Old Railway and Its Fantastic Scenery

The Flåm Railway Line was opened back in 1940 with the purpose of connecting the Sogn district with Bergen and Oslo, yet it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions. And this is not merely a marketing pitch, but a proven fact, considering that this line appears to be Norway’s third-busiest.

Such astonishing popularity among tourists from both within and outside the country is caused by a single fact: just an hour-long ride offers fantastic landscapes and scenery that can barely be seen elsewhere. So if you are going to visit Bergen during your summer holidays in Norway, don’t rule out taking a short yet absolutely memorable train ride.

Funicular Railway in Bergen

things to do in bergenBy including a visit to Bergen in your summer holidays in Norway, you don’t solely give it a go to a ride on Flåmsbana, but also get a chance to get to the top of Fløyen, a mountain that overhangs the city. Actually, the name of the city “Bergen” actually means “mountain,” so you shouldn’t be surprised to see the city encircled by mountains and a fjord.

The funicular railway was opened back in 1918 and carries at least 1 million passengers per year. The funicular has 5 stops, and the last stop leaves at an altitude of 320 meters above sea level, offering marvelous views of the city and the mountains surrounding it. If you would like to rejoice at hiking, no problem – there are enough walking trails for tourists. Enjoying a marvelous view is also possible in numerous cafés and restaurants located over there.

Observing the World from the Pulpit Rock

Things to do in NorwayIt doesn’t matter whether the list of your hobbies includes activities in mountains, such as trekking, hiking, climbing, or anything similar. Stepping on the top of the Pulpit Rock is a must thing do for every tourist to Norway in summer.

Actually, Pulpit Rock is not that high – only 604 meters – yet turns out to attract over 200,000 tourists in a year. Each of those who have dared to attempt to get it to the top must spend at least 2 hours hiking. 2 hours is a good time for trained people, but many tourists need up to 4 hours to make their climb.

The reason why Pulpit Rock is popular and is often included as a place to go during the summer holidays in Norway lies in one simple fact: a view of the narrow fjord, which appears to flow far below you and which is jammed between rocks, is something unforgettable. Though, don’t forget about the safety rules when you are at the top.

Summer Holidays in Norway and the Waterfall

Vøringfossen is one of the most famous waterfalls in Norway and beyond. Located in Hordaland, this waterfall lies not far from the highway that connects Bergen with Oslo. It would be wrong to believe that the waterfall has gained its popularity only recently – the tourist developments started here in the early 1900s. But even back in the 18th century, tourists came to this place and climbed more than 1,500 stairs in order to view all this beauty from the top.

The first hotel, the Fossli Hotel, was opened on this site back in 1891. Since then, this place has been a magnet for tourists from entire Europe, and that shouldn’t be surprising. The view of this waterfall, located at the end of the so-called rock couloir, is both quite inspiring and captivating.

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