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Olso Opera House in Figures [Infographics]

Since the very day of the this building’s construction, it became an iconic place for Oslo. You should just step off your train on the central railway station in Oslo and walk 5 minutes to the Oslo opera house, and you will be to relish in the genius of this architectural masterpiece. And while the building is so popular among the tourists, we have supposed that you may want to get to know about this building. So, this page demonstrates Oslo opera house in figures and our infographics will provide you with insighful, carefully organized info about this place.

Indeed, we have written about the Oslo opera house at least a couple of times before (for example, you could find an article here). The reason for that is that this attraction is really a unique cultural place, which (at the same time) also appears to be one of the most visited attractions in Oslo. Moreover, it is worth to note that it was even completed faster than expected and under the budget! All in all, if you want to get to know about Oslo opera house in figures conveniently, here you have got an image:

Oslo Opera House In Figures Infographics

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