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Tailored Norwegian Excursions for Cruise Passengers

Norway is an ideal country for tourists who prefer to purchase cruises to Norway and come in this simple, yet very exciting way. Sure, it is barely possible to stand all those splendid views of the fabulous Norwegian nature. Yet, all cruise passengers want to explore the country more than just gazing at its nature, and taking tailored Norwegian excursions are a perfect way of doing so.

Nordiva Tours offers both standard and customizable Norwegian excursions for tourists, who come on cruises to Norway and have some time for exploring the cities of this Scandinavian land. Our company is well aware of the fact that the majority of such tourists may be short of free time, and so customizable, tailored Norwegian excursions are the only suitable option for them. If you want to make an enquiry, you can do it on this page.

Why Cruises to Norway Are a Great Way of Arriving in the Country?

Many people may wonder why tourists purchase cruises to Norway, if it would be cheaper, easier, and faster to arrive in Norway by plane. Yet, there are pretty solid reasons that should not be omitted:

  • The Norwegian nature and its deep, impressive fjords are really out-and-outer, and you will barely have an opportunity to repeat the cruise trip again;
  • You get an opportunity to experience a genuine sea travel, exploring various sites of the Norwegian lands without stepping off the ship during days;
  • You can get a real relaxation and take a break from daily routines and job issues;
  • You get an opportunity to find new friends while being on your cruise to Norway;
  • You are able to visit at least several Norwegian cities during your cruise.

By the way, in case if you are already in Norway and you want to have a look at available cruises to Norwegian fjords, you can visit this page and look for a suitable Norwegian fjord cruise.

Norwegian Excursions: Oslo

Cruise PassengersIf you are one of the tourists who purchase cruises to Norway, you should keep in mind that the list of your destinations must definitely include Oslo. The city was founded as a settlement of the Vikings in 1040 to become the country’s capital later. So, it should not surprise you that there are myriads of things to discover in this city, and visiting Oslo just during 1 day, before departing to the next destinations, is unlikely to be enough. But if such a situation occurred, specifically tailored Oslo city tours may help.

Otherwise, there are many tours that will help you to discover the city from different sides. On this page, for example, you can find information about the most popular tours in Oslo, some of which are good in terms of sightseeing and impression, while others are fine in terms of history. More information about the differences of those tours can be found here.

Norwegian Excursions: Bergen

cruises to Norway

Perhaps, Bergen is the most popular destinations among cruise passengers, and that does not come as a surprise. Comfortably situated on the deep fjords between the mountains, this city – the name of which in translation means “mountain” – has played an important role in the history of Norway (and had been its capital for a while) and can boast a large number of important attractions. On the top of it, all visitors of this beautiful city will get an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Norwegian landscapes and impressive views.

Bergen is a perfect city not only for sightseeing, but also for a wide range of activities. If you click on this link, you will get to know more about the tours and activities available in Bergen. If you come for a short period of time, tailored tours are also available in Bergen. By the way, don’t miss to visit the Bergen fish market – one of the specials of this city.

Norwegian Excursions: Trondheim

norwegian fjord cruiseTrondheim is one of the oldest cities of Norway, which also appears to be the country’s third-largest city, beaten only by Oslo and Bergen. The city was founded back in 997 and named Kaupangen, which means “market place” in translation from the Old Norsk. Until the year of 1217, Kaupangen was the capital of the Viking-Age Norway.

Nowadays, the city is the most technologically and scientifically advanced city of Norway, being the Norwegian Silicon Valley to some extent. Due to its favorable location, however, the city is also an attractive spot for fans of extreme sports and travelers from all over the world – the views of fjords are just unbelievable and inspiring.

So if you have a stop in Trondheim during your cruise, you should definitely spend your time in the most productive way and explore the city as much as you can. For instance, the three tours that you can find on this page offer visits to the city’s most popular and extraordinary attractions, yet they somewhat differ in the length (time) and comfort (bus or walking tours).

Norwegian Excursions: Tromsø

cruises in norway

Tromsø is often referred to as “the Paris of the North” – while being located on the north of not only the European continent, but also Norway, the city is a great spot for entertainment, which is the reason for its “second name.” Its citizens definitely share the passion of their Parisian counterparts for entertainment, and entertainment can be found in almost anything in this city, beginning with dog sledding tours and ending with helicopter excursions and authentic Norwegian meals.

While being situated on the north, Tromsø appears to be a popular destination for cruises. Lots of cruise passengers come to this city, as well as a large number of cruise routes pass through Tromsø (and Hurtigruten is the most famous out of them). But if you want to spend time in Tromsø by exploring the city or rejoicing at a certain activity, you should visit this page on our website and choose the activity you wish. As it was mentioned above, tailored tours are also available, and you can make an enquiry for a tailored tour on this page.

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