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Norway’s Ultramodern Operahuset

The Oslo Opera House (or Operahuset in Norwegian), which is not only a place for enjoying the art but also an architectural masterpiece, has made Oslo one of the world cultural centers. Opened back in 2008, Operahuset was visited by more than 1.3 million visitors in the first year. At the present time, it is a holder of a number of architectural awards generally and the award of the Best Modern Building of Europe 2009 in particular. It is not a surprise that Operahuset has become extremely popular among both locals and tourists.

Marvelous design of the Opera House

Once you have approached this gorgeous building, you may notice rows of solar panels that partly provide electricity to the building. The white-colored exterior of the building was achieved with the use of Italian Carrara marble and white granite. Large windows appeal to passersby and approaching visitors with inviting gleams of different studio activities and rehearsals.

Yet, a strange feeling appears inside of you when you step in. Operahuset is so huge inside that it is difficult to ignore this fact – there are three scenes and more than 1,000 various rooms. In fact, this building is just a little bit smaller than a football stadium. An outstanding roof is supported by delicate angular pillars that do not contrast with the rest of the interior. After you were impressed (and it is impossible not to be amazed) by the huge yet minimalistic central hall, which was made of wood, glass, concrete and stone, you can enter some restaurant or bar located inside of Operahuset.

The main concert hall with 1,369 seats is beautifully adorned with panes, made of aged Baltic oak. If you look up, you will see the biggest spherical chandelier in entire Norway that weighs around 8 tons and consists of more than 5,800 crystal elements. Yet, Operahuset is exceptionally modern at the same time. Screens embedded in the backs of seats allow you to watch subtitles in 8 languages.

An impressive perspective on the City

From the very beginning when you get to see Operahuset, it literally invites you to go up and take advantage of the Opera House’s amazing location. The building’s roof is made of white marble and angled to the ground, creating an area for walking and ascending. A breathtaking view opens up to you once you are on the top of Operahuset.

Though, concerts are also sometimes given on the building’s roof. Even if you came to enjoy the view when the roof is occupied by actors and viewers, such a spectacular, modern Opera House is worth your visit at least one more time.

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