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Hop On Hop Off Walking Tour in Oslo

Today, we are proud to announce the release of a new type of tour in Oslo – the Hop On Hop Off Walking Tour. This innovative tour from our company will take you through all parts and depths that await within this beautiful city while providing unique experiences along each step! You can go at your own pace and explore the city as much or little as suits you best.

Modern technology has made it possible to explore Oslo in a whole new way. The city’s municipal authorities prohibit non-essential transport from entering the city centre, so you will miss out on most major points of interest in Oslo. That is why the HOHO walking tour is a far better option! In the article below, we are going to explore what makes this product so special and why you should embark on this exciting journey!

How Does This Hop On Hop Off Walking Tour Work?

You can experience the best of Oslo by taking this Hop On Hop Off Walking Tour, which works in a pretty straightforward way. First, download the app and buy a ticket before you go! Then, meet up with your guide at the agreed point and place or join the group along the route.

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Once you have joined the group, you can just follow the guide and listen to his commentary in English – alternatively, translation to other languages is available through the app. Modern technology has enabled us to provide translation of the guide’s comments to other languages – currently, we offer translation to 4 European languages (Italian, Spanish, German, and French). So, when you start this adventure across central Oslo, you can hear a story in your native language.

What makes this tour special? Well, quite a few things. First of all, this walking tour is a perfect chance to explore the best of Oslo, since the route takes you to the city’s most popular attractions. Unlike this novel product, Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour doesn’t cover the city centre (where most tourist attractions are located), since buses and cars are prohibited from entering central Oslo.

Secondly. there are two regular Hop On Hop Off Waking Tours per day: Explore Best of Oslo and Oslo by Night. While the day tour is dedicated to exploring the historic and touristic sites of the city, the nighttime tour is more geared towards entertainment and nighttime activities. The ticket is valid for 72 hours since the chosen activation date, and you can use the same ticket for both the day and the evening tours.

When you buy a ticket for this tour, you also get access to three self-guided tours in Oslo for free! These tours work in a similar manner, except for the fact that you just follow the route at your own pace while GPS detects your location and provides you with relevant commentary.

The Key Takeaway Points

So, these are the main things you should know about Hop On Hop Off Walking Tour in Oslo:

  • You can start the tour either from the very beginning or join it anywhere along the route – just like the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour works. Likewise, you can leave the tour whenever you please.
  • Unlike the bus tour, this walking tour gives you a fantastic chance to experience the best of Oslo – the route includes all of the city’s main points of interest.
  • There are two Hop On Hop Off Walking Tours running per day: one takes place in the daytime and one in the evening. While the morning (daytime) tour is focused mostly on sightseeing, you get a chance to enjoy more entertainment and fun activities during the evening tour.
  • This walking tour is conducted in English, but the audio commentary is available in 4 other languages through the app: German, French, Italian, and Spanish.
  • Customers who purchase this walking tour also receive access to the three self-guided tours in Oslo for free. The app provides relevant commentary by tracking your location via GPS.
  • Tickets for this HOHO walking tour are valid for 72 hours.

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