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Fishing in Norway: How Norway Attracts Thousands of Fishermen Every Year?

The previous article in our blog could give you an understanding of what sort of landscapes and sceneries you can expect to view in Norway.  The present blog entry will focus on one specific activity that is especially popular among many tourists – fishing in Norway. So if you are pondering about what to do in Norway and what activity you should undertake, fishing in Oslo (or other Norwegian cities) may stand as a fairly appealing option.



Oslo fjord fishing

Isn’t it a perfect place for fishing?



Norwegian nature is something out-of-outer, and one may barely find anything similar in the world. Gorgeous mountains stand on the shores of deep fjords, which makes Norway be a paradise for nature admirers. The Vikings, the predecessors of the present-day Norwegians, seized the opportunity of fishing very quickly – fishing has remained one of the most important economic activities for the Norwegians since those prehistoric times. Even now, when the oil and tourism industries appear to be the most important for the country’s economy, the role of fishing cannot be diminished.

There is a saying that “the Norwegians have saltwater streaming through their veins”, and the nation’s obsession with fishing seems only to support that claim. The Guarding, an influential British newspaper, once wrote in a jocular manner that “cod is a god” in Norway. Upon your visit to Norway, you will find Norwegian fish and seafood almost anywhere – even hamburgers with shrimps are a common fast food dish. There is no need to say that every restaurant has at least a dozen of dishes, made of Norwegian fish.

Considering that the industry of fishing is so important for Norway, one may wonder whether there is any fish left in the fjords for ordinary fishermen with rods. It is a usual fallacy of many tourists – commercial fishing takes place only in the distant high seas, far from the Norwegian shores. All the fish in the fjords and lakes within the country is left for the people, who enjoy undertaking this activity. And you can be sure that you will find no other place – than in Norway – where the population of fish is so abundant. Be ready for an active fishing season.



fishing in oslo

The popularity of fishing in Norway is explained in one image



5 Reasons to Consider Fishing in Norway

These 5 reasons that show why the experience of fishing in Norway is impossible to repeat and get anywhere else may give a good ground for those people, who still hesitate about coming to Norway for undertaking such an activity:

  • In Norway, there are many lakes and fjords for fishing, allowing you to fish either salty fish (in fjords) or fresh (in lakes), which is up to your preferences.
  • The abundance of fish in the Norwegian waters guarantees that you will barely have time to rest during the fishing process, as you are likely to hook one fish after another within minutes.
  • You are able to fish all types of Norwegian fish (there is no single species that cannot be hooked in the Norwegian fjords and lakes) which you can see prepared in the Norwegian restaurants.
  • Considering that Norway is a country with a bit more than 5 million people yet with a huge territory, you will definitely be able to rejoice in the calming, soothing atmosphere.
  • While undertaking such an activity, you will be able to enjoy marvelous views – sunset with the mountains in the background, while you are hooking the fish in your cruise boat that sails across the fjord.

Locations for Fishing in Norway

When it comes to fishing in Norway, there are four locations, especially beloved by passionate fishermen. The first location is the northern part of Norway, near Tromsø. That area features several great fishing camps, and the Andøya fishing camp is the most popular among others. Fishing in northern Norway is beloved by so many tourists due to one simple reason – a lot of large fish. In particular, halibut fishing is a special highlight of this region. Even though the majority of tourists hook halibuts in summer, fishing in autumn promises far larger “fish prizes.”

There are myriads of fishing villages in the northern part of Norway, and you can explore some of them, including the village called Å. Midnight sun cruises, available at our company, will provide you with an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful sunset “at the end of the world” while hooking fish in a soothing atmosphere.

Another location for fishing in Norway is the country’s west coast. Who has not heard of gorgeous Bergen, surrounded by the imposing mountains and deep, far-reaching fjords? So there is definitely no surprise that this area also appears to be among the favorite ones among fishermen.

Fredrikstad, a small town on the border with Sweden, is also a good choice for fishermen. The Hvaler archipelago which consists of rocks and small islands constantly attracts both fishermen and divers. If you get to the top and step on one of the bridges out there, you can reach the border with Sweden and take a photo of yourself stepping on the Swedish territory with one foot. You can learn more about Fredrikstad here.



oslo fjord tour

Oslo Fjord is beloved by many fishermen



Oslo Fjord Fishing: Why Fishing in Oslo Is Popular?

Oslo fishing – no matter how it might seem at a first sight – is also very popular across fishers. Even though this city is the capital of Norway, the entire country is a perfect place for relaxation. So, you will easily find a calming, tranquilizing fishing place just 10-15 minutes from the capital’s city center.

There are a few reasons that prompt people to purchase Oslo fishing packages:

  • It’s a great choice (and a quick solution) for groups of people with very tight schedules in Oslo.
  • It’s a perfect way to combine the Oslo Fjord tour with the beloved activity.
  • All necessary equipment is already aboard and all other aspects are taken into account.
  • Despite being in proximity to the capital of Norway, fishers get an opportunity to hook all types of fish during their Oslo Fjord fishing tour, in a pretty same way as they could do while fishing on any other Norwegian fjord.
  • The fish population near Oslo is always stable and fishers never have problems with finding a good spot for fishing.
  • Oslo Fjord fishing is also great fun for the children of fishers, who will enjoy the scenic views while their parents will actually be fishing.

So, if you feel tempted to book a Norway fishing tour, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you wish to go on a fishing journey, specifically tailored for you, you should just click on that button and make an inquiry, providing the details that you wish to receive. In this easy way, you will get an unforgettable experience of fishing in Norway, coupled with all those fantastic views and sceneries.

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