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Best Time to Visit Norway: Nordiva Tours’ Suggestions

Thousands of tourists wonder about when is the best time to visit Norway and what are the best activities for each season. No one wants to freeze outside while exploring the most renowned tourist attractions of this country. But suffering from the hot weather is not a worthy option either. Basically, you can make up your mind about when is the best time to go to Norway by defining the activities you want to undertake in this country.


Norway’s scenic fjords, craggy peaks, and picturesque landscapes have a lot to offer to outdoor enthusiasts, while its cities are a unique blend of medieval and modern design sensibilities.



While sightseeing might be not as much enjoyable in winter, skiing and snowboarding – and this mountainous country suits best this kind of activity – is barely possible in the other seasons. Here is a short guide about when is the best time to travel to Norway.

Best Time to Visit Norway: Sightseeing

If you are planning to visit this Scandinavian country for a sightseeing tour (especially in such cities as Bergen and Oslo), then the period from the late spring to mid-summer would be the best time to travel to Norway. Though, you should be ready for a ray of strong sunshine even during that time, since it appears to be typical weather in Scandinavia.

If it happened to you to visit Norway in winter and you crave a sightseeing tour, you should keep in mind that temperatures are not too low in Norway during the winter season (around 0 Celsius degrees). However, quite strong winds may add some coolness, so get well dressed for moving across a city. Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses along – the sunshine is dazzling in Scandinavia even during the winter season!

Best Time to Go to Norway: Skiing and Snowboarding

Best Time to Travel to Norway



Fanciers of snowboarding and skiing shouldn’t – naturally – expect to come in any other season than winter. This mountainous country is a perfect spot for such a kind of activity. Even the country’s capital can boast a fantastic ski jump called Holmenkollen. But apart from that, many local skiers just take the metro (the second line) and reach the top of the mountain (the last station), from which they can have an enjoyable ride. If you decide to buy an Oslo Pass, you will receive an unlimited amount of metro rides during a specific period of time.

Other popular Norwegian ski resorts include Voss, Hemsedal, Trysil, Geilo, Oppdal, and Stranda. Each of these resorts can boast something special, which attracts thousands and thousands of visitors every season. Though, the mountainous terrain of this country allows you to search for less popular places and enjoy a ride off the beaten path. So, in case you are a fancier of such active winter sports, you know when the best time to visit Norway is! By the way, you can check out try to choose the best snowboard for women, too.


Best Time to Travel to Norway: Trekking, Climbing, and Other Sport Activities


Best Time to Go to Norway



Norway is a country with fantastic opportunities for active sports activities, though a variety of famous tourist attractions (such as the Pulpit Rock) prompt visitors to take up new activities as well. The Pulpit Rock overhangs a deep fjord, offering fantastic scenery and prompting tens of thousands of visitors every year to reach its top.

Considering that Norway is, indeed, one of the very countries that can boast such a great nature, which, by the way, has been preserved well, it should not be surprising that a variety of trekking routes across Norway have gained popularity among tourists. The best time to visit Norway for undertaking such activities is usually from the mid-spring up to the beginning of autumn. Trekking in Norway allows you to view fantastic waterfalls, beautiful fjords, and gorgeous mountains that usually overhang the country’s cities.

Another popular activity among tourists is climbing. Norway’s mountains, which are a part of the larger system of the Scandinavian mountains, are not, indeed, similar to the Alps in Western Europe (but a mountain range called the Lyngen Alps lies in the country’s north). Yet, there are over 175 mountains towering over 2 kilometers high with the largest peak of Galdhøpiggen (2,469 meters). Norwegian mountains are suitable for both beginners in climbing (though it is recommended to hire a guide – you need to know how to deal with the security system, use your ice ax, and how avoid falling into ice cracks) and technical climbers who want to polish their skills. If you prefer to avoid climbing along with lots of tourists, then selecting the highest mountain of Norway wouldn’t be wise – queues are very often on its classic route.

During the summer season, you can take up a number of various activities, including facing numerous challenges in the Oslo Summer Park, swimming, going on a cruise tour, going down the zipline, getting sporty in the Oslo Activity Park, enjoying a ride on the famous Flåm Railway, and many others. Therefore, the summer season is the best time to visit Norway in case if you want to enjoy such a wide variety of activities.

Best Time to Visit Norway: Tromsø


You should definitely differentiate the phrases “Visiting Tromsø” and “Visiting Norway.” When it comes to Tromsø, it looks something similar to visiting a completely different part of the world. While the city lies within the Arctic Circle, it appears to be one of the largest cities within it, as well as one of the largest cities of Norway.



when to visit norway



Visiting Tromsø is especially recommended in case you want to stare at the sky during a polar night while getting warmed near a bonfire. Other popular activities include taking up a reindeer ride, snowmobiling, and dog sledding tours. Naturally, such activities can be taken up during the winter season, and so it’s the best time to visit Tromsø.

During the summer season, you will be somewhat limited in selecting activities, but you should definitely explore the city’s museums and the city center. In addition to that, you are able to rejoice at fishing in a tranquilizing atmosphere, enjoy a fjord cruise around the city, hike in the mountains, enjoy a fantastic view of the city by having a ride in the cable car, and relish in the ship spa! Tromsø is, indeed, a city that can be explored during any season, but you should think about your preferences in the first place.

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