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Best Cities to Visit in Norway: Nordiva Tours’ Choice

Norway appears to be a land with beautiful landscape, wonderful nature, and gorgeous architecture – there is no need to explain why Norwegian cities attract myriads of tourists every year. And it was definitely quite difficult to make our choice and define what the best cities to visit in Norway are. At the end, you’ve got to see this list of 4 cities that you must visit in the first place.

But beyond that, you shouldn’t also rule out a journey to the beautiful city of Ålesund, which has been deservedly called the fishing capital of Norway and which remains to be one of the major spots for the fishing industry of Norway. Tromsø is also a peculiar city located in the Arctic Circle, where you can relish in lots of activities full of fun and adventures, such as mountain hiking, snowmobiling, and dog sledding.

After all, don’t exclude reaching distant places as well. One of the most beautiful places in Norway you can ever visit is located quite far from the nearest city and is called the Pulpit Rock. The Pulpit Rock, known in Norwegian as Preikestolen, is a steep rock that overhangs the Lysefjorden and appears to be one of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway, offering memorable and unimaginable views.

Best Cities to Visit in Norway: Bergen

things to do in Bergen

Bergen is, perhaps, the Norwegian city that can offer you truly unbelievable views, since the old Viking settlement, which was founded on its place some 900 years ago, has been nestled between gorgeous mountains and impressive, deep fjords. But if you are having plans to pay a visit to this marvelous city, be prepared that you will need some physical training before visiting it – even strolling its streets won’t turn out to be that easy.

Bergen, which in translation from Norwegian means “mountain,” has played an important role in the country’s history and had served as its capital during a solid period of time. Besides, Bergen, among all other Norwegian cities, contributed to the development of trade within the country and beyond the most, and Bryggen, an impressive quay and a popular attraction of tourists, is just one tiny proof of it.

Flamsbana, a railway that promises an unforgettable ride, starts from the village of Flåm, which is also located not far from Bergen. During your railway journey, you will get to observe impressive sceneries of the Norwegian nature. There is no need to say that this tourist attraction draws more than 450,000 tourists per year.

Best Cities to Visit in Norway: Oslo

things to do in Oslo

No trip to Norway can be complete without visiting its ancient capital, the city of Oslo, which had been known as Christiania in the past. It would be, indeed, irremissible not to promenade along Karl Johans Gate or step on the roof of the famous Opera House building.

Indeed, Oslo is a city that cannot be explored within one or even a couple of days. As our previous blog post shows, Oslo is a city that conceals a lot of secrets and promises an unforgettable visit for every tourist. The country’s capital abounds with lots of museums, but the museums like Fram Museum and Kon-Tiki Museum are the first to-go things. The country’s National Gallery also houses a rich collection of the Norwegian and European art.

You should definitely season your visit to Oslo with going to Holmenkollen and getting to the top of the famous ski jumping tower, where you can observe the entire city from the top point. After all, don’t forget to relish in the authentic Scandinavian dishes in the Norwegian traditional restaurants or to taste the top-quality beer in the pubs, located at Aker Brygge.

Best Cities to Visit in Norway: Trondheim

things to do in trondheim

Trondheim is the third-largest city in Norway (by population), yet its meaning to the country is immense. Being founded earlier than Bergen, Trondheim appears to be a strong scientific city in Norway, hosting a large number of research institutes and universities.

The first thing that amazes all first-time visitors to Trondheim is its stunning architecture, which harmonically flows from one building to another. Visiting the Trondheim city centre is a must for any journey to Norway, yet the city is a home to a large number of other attractions, including the ancient Nidaros Cathedral. Its museums (such as Sverresborg Trongelag Folk Museum) provide a great insight about how the inhabitants of this region lived in the past. Yet, there are also extraordinary museums, and one of them is Rockheim Museum, dedicated to the popular music (yes, you can play there!).

But don’t attempt to avoid other activities, such as skiing at Bymarka or rejoicing at kayaking – you can be sure that Trondheim is a perfect place for those activities.

Best Cities to Visit in Norway: Fredrikstad

things to do in Fredrikstad

Fredrikstad, a small town nestled near the border with Sweden, is one (out of only two!) military towns that have been preserved in Europe. For years, Fredrikstad had been a bastion of the Norwegian willingness for independence against the numerous expansion attempts of the Swedish.

As our previous blog post shows, you can reach this small town simply by taking a train from the central station of Oslo. The town is, indeed, a home to a number of unique historic attractions, such as the old café for officers (which is open for everyone nowadays) or a house that was built according to the time count (4 floors stand for 4 seasons, 365 rooms stand for 365 days in a year, etc.).

But your journey should spread beyond the town of Fredrikstad and also cover a visit to the Fredriksten Fortress, an old defensive complex that had been used to reflect the Swedish attacks. It was used the last time in 1814, when Sweden took over the entire country. Before the conquest, the Fredriksten Festning had remained the last bastion of defense.

Reaching the Swedish border is recommended as well – you will get to see that a border line running along the territories of the two countries literally divides the bridges, built over a stunning fjord. The scenery you will get to see from that place is just unforgettable and you will remember it forever.

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