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Dog Sledding: Husky Fun in the Snow

A travel to the Arctic regions is never complete without dog sledding. This fast-paced fun activity has been known to exist in sports as well as vacation to-do-lists. However, dog sledding has a very long history, dating back to thousands of years.

We can offer you dog sledding in several destination across Norway, Sweden and Finland. Some of them are daily departures during the winter period, whereas the other ones are private tours and can be booked according to your schedule.




                                                         A bit of History

Dog Sledding in Tromsø

Huskies from a farm in Tromsø


Dog sledding is said to be originated in the Arctic region, as these regions are blanketed with ice and hence no other transportation was possible in the past times. The active Husky dogs, born to run, were a very good solution to transportation in the snow, as they could overcome the terrain better.

Dog sledding has been used for various purposes. It all starting with hunting and supervising trap lines in the wilderness of the Arctic. As time progressed and the 19th century arrived, dog sledding was used for delivering supplies, news, mails, etc. Patrolling units also included these sled dogs.

The invention of modern snowmobiles has reduced the dependency of humans on sled dogs. However, dog sledding has transformed into more of a fun and leisure activity. Nowadays, it is used for recreational purposes like vocational activities or racing, though there are still many Arctic regions where you can find sled dogs being used for domestic as well as commercial work.





                        About Sled Dogs

Husky poppies in a backet

Puppies Malamute

Alaskan Malamutes or Siberian Huskies are the main breeds of dogs used in recreational dog sledding. The sole reason for choosing these dogs for sledding is that they are strong, fast, and can endure the terrain and weather very well. Thanks to their thick fur, they can easily withstand cold. The hounds are trained to run and pull heavyweight from a very young age.

Sled dogs are fast and strong, but they are trained to be very loyal and listen to the mushes’ commands very well. They are as cute as agile, so children are the ones who have the most fun with the dogs.





                   Things to Remember During Dog Sledding

Here are some pointers you must keep in mind if you go on a dog-sledding tour:

  • Make sure you dress warmly. Winter boots, ski wear, sunglasses, neck warmers, gloves, socks, and every other thing that can keep you warm must be on you.
  • Many dog sledding tours offer free snowsuits and boots without any additional cost, so it might be a good thing to check it with us.
  • Sunscreens are as important as your camera and its extra batteries.

Dog sledding is something that perhaps every person must try to experience at least once in their lifetime. It is not just a vocational activity, but it also lets you realize the connection between Huskies and humans in such snowy areas. An evening dog sledding session with the Huskies provides excellent opportunities to see the Northern Lights and take stunning photos.

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