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Aksla Stadium

Yet another classic panoramic view of the city can be found at Aksla Stadium. It’s about 400 steps up and starts from the Town Park. That may feel a bit strenuous, so you can also use transport to get there. You will find additional hiking opportunities once you are on the top.


Fjellstua is an absolutely stunning place to enjoy vast, sweeping views of the fjord, islands, mountains and beautiful town of Ålesund below. You will get some exercise walking up to the point, but there are benches placed along the path for those who might need them. For those who do not want to climb, there are buses or taxis available.


Several daily departures, all year

Flåm Railway

The Flåm Railway, Flamsbana is often touted by travel brochures as one of the greatest railway journeys in the world, and while you may be inclined to write this off as a mere advertising pitch, it really does live up to this claim. The ride from Myrdal down into Flam is only an hour long, yet it’s absolutely thrilling with some of the most amazing landscapes you could have ever seen.



Flåm -Myrdal,  low/high season Adult 370/430 nok Child 185/215 nok
Flåm-Myrdal-Flåm, low/high season Adult 500/630 nok Child 250/314 nok


Around Bergen

For those of you who love outdoor activities, Bergen is a paradise: you can climb the Folgefonna glacier, choose one of the mountain roads, or dive in the fjord, where you can see inhabitants of the depths in their natural environment.


Start your day with the funicular Fløibanen and the observation point at the top of the hill. The view is awe-inspiring, even if you have seen dozens of photographs taken from this point.


Aker Brygge

A former shipyard and a great leisure destination today, Aker Brygge is a magnet for tourists and locals alike, with over 60 shops and 30 restaurants offering top brand names and fine food. You will always find a place to just sit here and admire the views of the fjord and the city, despite the crowds around you.

The site is included in the following tours:

The Essential Oslo walking tour
Walking Tour: Oslo transformed



The best view in Oslo is right at the top of the ski jumping tower, Holmenkollen. From there, you have a chance to enjoy the same views and sensation of speed as the ski jumpers do! The zipline takes you from the very top of the Holmenkollen jumping tower to the bottom, as if you were jumping on skis. The line itself is 361 metres / 1185 feet long and the difference in altitude is 107 metres / 351 feet. There is no age limit – the oldest jumper is 93 and the youngest only 3! Children under 40 kg may jump in tandem with an adult.


Recommended between April and October

Pulpit Rock

Have you heard about Pulpit Rock? Before you book your trip to this spectacular wonder, be sure that you are not afraid of heights and have a pair of comfortable hiking shoes. This is one of the most adventurous walking trips that Norway can offer to you and it appers to be among the most popular ones: over 200 000 tourists take up the challenge every year.

The tour itself takes about 2 hours (from 3 to 4 hours for untrained travelers), and do not forget to calculate the time you go back to your transport. The stairs are upgraded in 2014, making the route easier to accomplish.

Flor & Fjaere

We rate Flor & Fjaere so high because of our passion for truly unique experiences. A short 20–25 minute boat ride from Stavanger harbour brings you to a beautifully themed summer paradise in the most unlikely spot on the planet, one of the many islands surrounding Stavanger. Five gardeners and a talented cook create a tropical island and a pretty good restaurant.


Balloon Ride

Would you dare to travel high in the sky in a balloon for a breathtaking feeling of freedom and unforgettable views? If the answer is “yes”, don’t miss the chance and take a ride. You can get transfers from the city to the landing place and back, a complimentary glass of champagne, and a certificate.


Helicopter Rides

From April until the end of August, you have an opportunity to explore the fjords and mountains around Tromsø from the air, taking either a twin-engine Piper (max. eight people) or helicopter (max. three people). Take advantage of this rare opportunity!

Cable Car

The cable car takes you up Mount Storsteinen (421 metres / 1382 feet) with fantastic views on Tromsø. During the Midnight Sun period, the cable car is open until past midnight. There is a children’s playground on the top and the road is excellent for hiking.