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Recommended between April and October

Pulpit Rock

Have you heard about Pulpit Rock? Before you book your trip to this spectacular wonder, be sure that you are not afraid of heights and have a pair of comfortable hiking shoes. This is one of the most adventurous walking trips that Norway can offer to you and it appers to be among the most popular ones: over 200 000 tourists take up the challenge every year.

The tour itself takes about 2 hours (from 3 to 4 hours for untrained travelers), and do not forget to calculate the time you go back to your transport. The stairs are upgraded in 2014, making the route easier to accomplish.


Running daily from 01.June to the end of October

Mountain Walking Tour

Our selection of most popular 4-5 hour long tours will bring you to the best spots around Tromsø with fantastic views. During the walk, the guide will tell you about the area, the local history, the nature and answer your questions. Your route will depend on the season and the weather.

You can expect to see reindeer, eagles or some smaller animals and find how beautiful is the local flora. The walks is suitable to all ages and families with kids will get a discount.

Midnight sun hiking tour: 1.100 NOK
Hiking with huskies: 1.100 NOK
Up in the mountain: 1.100 NOK
Glacier walk: 1.500 NOK



Bymarka is so easy to reach, yet it is so beautiful. You can simply leave the hotel, go past the tunnel at the edge of the town, and start climbing the mountain. The terrain is not demanding at all, but it is still very varied and interesting. 3 km later (and 400 m of vertical climb), there are several stunning vistas over the fjord and valley on the top of the hill.