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Exclusive Norway Food Tour (One Departure Only) – Flavours of Norway

Welcome to the Flavours of Norway, our exclusive Norway food tour. On this page, you will learn more about this one-time trip that offers you a unique opportunity to savor both Norwegian food and Norwegian nature.

Before you find out about what this tour offers, a few words about the tour concept itself. Actually, the way how we came up with the idea of one-time multi-day tours was pretty straightforward. For many years, we have organized tours for our clients and received feedback about the places they visited. And our customers were raving about some of the destinations.

We thought: “why can’t we take the best of these destinations and pack them up in one multi-day tour?” The problem was that some of the attractions were available only for a limited time. But that didn’t stop us. Instead, we decided to make tours like this one time only. It means that these exact itineraries will never be repeated on an organized tour.

Are you up for an exciting Norwegian adventure?
Check out the Flavours of Norway Tour page for more details.

And now, let’s have a peek at what awaits you on this exciting adventure! These are the top ten reasons to join this exclusive Norway food tour. Enjoy!


Explore Oslo on a Comfortable Coach Bus

Oslo Food Tour

You will start this multi-day food tour in Norway with a visit to the country’s vibrant capital. After getting acquainted with the city on your own and dining in one of the city’s fine restaurants on the first day, you will set out on a truly exciting adventure the next day.

You will explore Oslo on a comfy coach that will take you to the city’s most important attractions. On this 4-hour long guided tour in Oslo, you will visit the city’s iconic Opera House and Akershus Fortress, walk down Karl Johans gate and witness the Vigeland installation in Frogner Park. All in all, this is the perfect way to see the best of the Norwegian capital if you are tight on time.

On top of that, you will have plenty of time to explore this lively city on your own. Take an Oslofjord cruise or go on a museum-hopping spree in Bygdøy – there are plenty of exciting things to do in the Norwegian capital!


  • Karl Johans gate: stroll down the city’s central two-lane street, lined with several historic edifices, including Oslo Cathedral, the building of the Norwegian Parliament, Grand Hotel, National Theater, the University of Oslo, and – the cherry on the cake – the Royal Palace.
  • The Vigeland installation: witness the world’s largest open-air exhibition by one artist, which consists of 212 bronze and granite sculptures and culminates in the impressive obelisk in the center.
  • City’s symbols on the bank of the Oslofjord: visit three notable buildings form the memorable Oslo skyline – the futuristic Oslo Opera House, the ancient Akershus Fortress, and the monumental red-brick Oslo City Hall.


Try Authentic Norwegian Cheese on an Oslo Food Tour

Food Tour in Oslo

On our exciting Norway food tour, you will be treated to the tasting of authentic Norwegian cheeses during your stay in Oslo. Even though this Scandinavian country is best known for its fish and seafood, it in fact has a long and rich history of cheesemaking (that originated back in the Viking Age).

During this Oslo food tour, you will taste some of the country’s most popular cheeses. Brunost (Brown Cheese) is one of them, characterized by a sweet, caramel-like taste and made from whey, milk, and/or cream. Other popular authentic Norwegian cheeses include Gamalost (a semi-hard, pungent cheese made from skimmed cow’s milk), Pultost (a soft, spreadable cheese made from soured milk), and Nøkkelost (a semi-hard cheese made from cow’s milk).

Such a delicious food tour in Oslo is a perfect way to wrap up your adventure in the Norwegian capital!


  • Tasting of traditional Norwegian cheese: gain insight into the history of Norwegian cheesemaking and savor some of the country’s most popular cheeses.


Visit Picturesque Åndalsnes and Romsdalen

Food and Sightseeing Tour in Norway

Åndalsnes is one of the Norway’s most popular destinations for travelers – climbers and hikers especially. A picturesque mountain town that we have even added to our list of 17 Norway’s most charming towns and villages, we couldn’t miss adding it to our exclusive Norway food tour.

Your transfer from Oslo will start with a train ride all the way to Åndalsnes, including the last part of Rauma Rail Line. Raumabanen is one of the world’s most beautiful train rides (though not as hyped as Flåmsbana), which runs along the towering mountain ranges and above picturesque green valleys and Norwegian countryside. And this explains why some parts of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” were filmed in this area!

Once in town, you will hop on a Romsdalen gondola (this 10-minute-long ride is an amazing experience on its own!), which will take you to the peak of the mountain Nesaksla. You will get a spectacular view of the mountain town and surrounding areas from there.

Åndalsnes is home to Trollveggen (the Troll Wall), a mountain range with the highest vertical rock face in Europe. You can learn about this area in particular and climbing in general at the local Norwegian Mountaineering Centre, housed in an astonishing architectural masterpiece. There are quite a few popular hiking routes in the vicinity – the trek to Romsdalseggen Ridge we have even added to the top 10 hikes in Norway. Although you will not have enough time to complete it (it takes 8-9 hours for a round trip), you may opt for a quicker hike to the Rampestreken viewpoint.

After you leave this mountain town, your journey will be accompanied by some of the most stunning landscapes in Norway. In particular, you will make a stop on top of Trollstigen, the famous serpentine mountain road. Also, you will drive through the picturesque village of Valldal, renowned for its strawberry farms all over the country. To sum it all up, you will never forget this day in your life.


  • Raumabanen train ride: embark on one of the world’s most beautiful trains rides through Norway’s spectacular rural heartland.
  • Ride on a Romsdalen gondola: take a 10-minute and enjoy a spectacular perspective on Åndalsnes and the surrounding Romsdalen mountains.
  • Trollstigen drive: visit Norway’s iconic destination, a picturesque serpentine road that can be accessed only in warm season.
  • Valldal: drop by the country’s “strawberry capital,” famous for its organic farms and homemade strawberry products.


Travel to ÅlesundNorway’s Most Beautiful City

The Best of Norway: food tour in Norway

Ålesund, located on Norway’s west coast and surrounded by fjords, mountains, and islands, is arguably one of the most picturesque cities in the country. Devastated by an enormous fire in 1904, the town was rebuilt from scratch in the Art Nouveau style that was popular then. Today, the Art Nouveau city center defines Ålesund and is something that all the visitors remember it for.

You will have a chance to learn more about the city’s history and architecture on a guided walking tour in Ålesund. Explore its charming city center and have a stroll along the port. One of the things we absolutely recommend to every visitor is hiking (or driving/getting a city train) to the popular Fjellstua viewpoint on Mount Aksla. There, you will not only enjoy a great perspective of the city but will have a chance to savor delicious Norwegian cuisine at the on-site restaurant.

Given that this is a Norway food tour, you can go for an optional dinner in Sjøbua, one of the most popular seafood restaurants in the city. Their menu changes every season so that they can serve only fresh catch. At this restaurant, you can expect both classic seafood meals (like grilled fish and seafood platters) and modern variations of well-known dishes. Besides, this is a great place to taste local specialties in a casual yet elegant atmosphere!

Even though you won’t spend much time in Ålesund, your stay will be exciting and memorable!


  • Viewpoint at Aksla: hike to the famous viewpoint and get a spectacular perspective of this beautiful city.
  • Guided walking tour in Ålesund: wander around Ålesund’s city center and admire its impressive architecture.
  • Dinner in Sjøbua: taste traditional and contemporary Norwegian food in one of the city’s best seafood restaurants.


Savor Norwegian Nature in Fabulous, UNESCO-listed Geiranger

The Flavours of Norway -exclusive Norway food tour

On this multi-day Norway food tour, you will have an opportunity to stay in the country’s most charming village – Geiranger. Nestled between towering mountains on the shore of the UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord, this idyllic village offers you a perfect opportunity to revel in authentic Norwegian nature.

Upon your arrival, you will take a cruise across the stunning Geirangerfjord – arguably the world’s most beautiful fjord. During this cruise, you will get to witness the famous Seven Sisters Waterfall up close, along with other waterfalls in this area. After the cruise, you will have plenty of time to explore the village on your own or simply enjoy the fabulous Norwegian nature. But there are really many more things you can do here – check this out in our article about small Norwegian towns.

At the end of the day, you will enjoy a traditional (and extremely delicious) Norwegian dinner in the historic hotel where you will stay. After all, it’s a food tour in Norway. Can there be a better ending to the day than tasting a delicious dinner in one of the world’s most beautiful places?


  • Geirangerfjord cruise: embark on a memorable cruise on the world’s most beautiful fjord.
  • Self-guided village tour: explore the charming village and beyond on your own: visit Norsk Fjordsenter, set out on a short hiking adventure, or marvel at the village from the numerous viewpoints (such as Dalsnibba and Ørnesvingen).
  • Dinner in a historic hotel: top up a stay in the historic, family-run Hotel Union (dating back to 1891) with a delicious dinner.


Visit Famous Norwegian Farms and Taste Their Delicious Products

Traditional Farms in Norway: Food Tour

Our exclusive Norway food tour isn’t limited to dining in restaurants and hotels. During this multi-day tour, we will visit one of Norway’s historic farms, which have been the backbone of the country’s economy for centuries.

Aabrek Gård, lodged in a quiet area at the foot of Brenndalsbreen Glacier in Oldedalen Valley, is a great place to learn about farming in Norway. The farmers still make their products—such as honey, jams, jelly, juices, and baked goods—according to old traditions and sell them under the Lykle brand.

At the end of the tour, you will have a chance to relish a lunch made from their homemade farm food – a perfect way to wind up your visit. By the way, the farm has seasonal opening hours and limited availability, so it’s a truly unique opportunity you must not miss out!


  • Guided tour to the historic Aabrek Gård: set out on a guided tour across the farm and learn about their history, produce, and sustainable practices.
  • Delicious lunch made from fresh local ingredients: satisfy your appetite with a traditional Norwegian meal from local ingredients.
  • Tasting of homemade products and beer: finish off your visit to the farm by trying their homemade products, especially the rich beer.


Witness the Stunning Norwegian Nature in the Nordfjord Area

Norway food tour

During this multi-day food tour in Norway, you will visit multiple villages on the shores of Nordfjord, which have become favorite destinations of many travelers. The first one on our itinerary (apart from the ones we have mentioned already) would be Loen, a village that is famous for its natural beauty and amazing opportunities for outdoor adventures. Here, in particular, you will hop on a cable car to Mount Hoven (which offers a spectacular perspective of the valley).

Stryn is another picturesque village on our list that possesses some sort of otherworldly beauty. The main highlight here is the nearby glaciers, which attract thousands of hikers and mountaineers every year. In particular, we will make a trip to Briksdalsbreen Glacier—learn more about this in our next point.

Olden, also in our itinerary, is a popular destination among cruise passengers nowadays. The village is located in an extremely picturesque setting, and you will have a perfect opportunity to appreciate it while reveling in your delicious lunch here.


  • Loen: take a Loen Skylift and enjoy picturesque views from Mount Hoven.
  • Stryn: set out on a hike to the famous Briksdalsbreen Glacier.
  • Olden: have lunch in the middle of nowhere amidst elevated mountains, azure lakes, and picturesque fjords.


Hike to the Majestic Briksdalbreen Glacier

Multi-day food tour in Norway with sightseeing

Our exclusive food tour in Norway also includes a hike to the beautiful Briksdalbreen, one of the country’s most accessible and beautiful glaciers. Unfortunately, this glacier is rapidly disappearing due to global warming. By the way, we have even added it to our list of the seven best glaciers in Norway to visit!

Most people tend to hike to this glacier, but you will reach it with a great deal of comfort and fun on a troll car. The trail to Briksdalbreen runs through the picturesque green valley, full of stunning waterfalls, roaring rivers, and lush vegetation.

On the same day, as you drive to the beautiful village of Olden, you will make a stop near Tvinnefossen, a captivating waterfall with twin cascades gracefully plunging down the mountainside. Located near the village of Hopland, along the scenic route between Stryn and Geiranger, this waterfall is one of the most popular and visited ones in Norway – a great end to the exciting day!


  • Briksdal Glacier: visit one of the country’s most accessible and beautiful glaciers, which is also an arm of the giant Jostedalsbreen Glacier.
  • Ride on a troll car: hop on a troll car to reach the glacier effortlessly, but with comfort and fun!
  • Tvinnefossen Waterfall: witness one of Norway’s most beautiful waterfalls and take photos of its mesmerizing twin cascades.


Stay in Handpicked Historic Hotels

Our entire trip wouldn’t have been complete if we hadn’t picked the right hotels. If you embark on such an exciting food tour in Norway, hotels should perfectly suit it—both in terms of food and history.

In particular, our multi-day tour includes stays in historic, boutique hotels that would make this journey absolutely memorable for you! Upon your arrival in Ålesund, you will stay in a Hotel 1904, which was built in the Art Nouveau style in the year it is named after. Located in the city center, it features modern, creative, and high-design interior, with impressive Scandinavian influences.

Your fabulous trip to Geiranger will be complemented by a stay in the historic, family-owned Hotel Union. Built back in 1891 in the Dragon Style that was popular in Norway around that time, this hotel welcomed distinguished guests over the years – the most prominent visitor was Queen Alexandra of Denmark.

After all, our exclusive food tour in Oslo also includes a stay in the historic Visnes Hotel, which hosted guests since the 1850s. This boutique hotel exudes an old-world charm and offers 15 uniquely decorated rooms. All in all, you will never forget your fantastic food trip to Norway.


  • Hotel 1904 in Ålesund: stay in the Art Nouveau-style hotel that has been welcoming guests for over 100 years in the city center.
  • Hotel Union in Geiranger: find peace and relaxation in the picturesque Geiranger while staying in the historic hotel that has welcomed many distinguished guests.
  • Visnes Hotel in Stryn: make your trip memorable by spending a night in the hotel that has operated since 1850.


Explore the Captivating Bergen on a Guided Tour

Food tour in Bergen, Norway

After all, our multi-day food tour to Norway will end on a high note – a visit to the bright and vibrant Bergen, the country’s second largest city. Best known for the iconic Bryggen wharf that dates back to the Hanseatic League times, the city offers a wealth of exciting experiences to the visitors.

But before you get to exploring Bergen on your own, you will embark on a guided tour around this beautiful city. Hop on a cable car and get an amazing perspective of the city from the mountain’s peak.

After the guided tour concludes, you will have plenty of time to stroll Bergen’s picturesque narrow valleys or savor delicious seafood in local restaurants. You may conclude the day by exploring the city’s vibrant art scene in Bergen’s numerous museums and galleries. Or alternatively, finish your day off with a sunset fjord cruise.


  • Bryggen: visit the historic, UNESCO-listed wharf that has for centuries been the center of trade in the city.
  • Mount Fløyen: take a cable car to the peak of this mountain and enjoy the spectacular views of Bergen.
  • Fish market and seafood restaurants: indulge in delicious seafood meals at the city’s bustling fish market or in one of its fancy restaurants.


Summary: Why Book This Norway Food Tour?

Best food tours in Norway

In short, this is not just a food tour in Norway. This trip offers a blend of intricate, delicious cuisine, impressive cultural landmarks, and authentic, unbelievable Norwegian nature.

We invite you to learn more about this tour on the Flavours of Norway landing page. Here’s what you will get from our multi-day food tour in Norway:

  • 9 exciting days in Norway’s most stunning places
  • Authentic cultural experiences and connection with the locals
  • Visits to Norway’s most beautiful cities
  • Outdoor activities in Norway’s unforgettable nature
  • Delicious traditional cuisine and local specialties
  • Comfortable transportation and accommodation.

Join us for the journey of your lifetime! Visit the Flavours of Norway page today.


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