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What Do You Love About Architecture?

My name is Mei Yang and I was born in China, living currently in Oslo, educated both in the East and West, obtained a Master’s degree in urban design from Newcastle University in England, practiced in the field of architecture and urbanism in different countriesfor 10 years.

Viking Boats DrawingI am really enthusiastic about architecture and public spaces and I study them by travelling around. I sketch buildings, streets and landscape for giving my hand and brain practice, and gaining inspiration has become an important part of my hobbies.

I strongly believe that by experiencing a space in person, observing how people use it, talking with them, sketching, photographing, discussing with colleagues, we can achieve much better understanding of the architecture and public places.

I speak Mandarin, English and Norwegian,  keen to share my international travel experience with everyone.

By the way, I am also an active badminton player, ranking No. 70 in Norway in ladies double category. ☺


Best way to prepare your study tour to Scandinavia countries:

Mei's Picture of Norwegian Cottage

  • Google the projects you would like to study and write a brief plan.
  • According to your enquiry, we design a detailed program that covers all the sites and highlights. In result, you will know where to stay, what to see, where to eat,
    where to do sketches and take photographs, when and how to get there.
  • After you approve our suggestions, we contact the architects and landscape architects companies who designed the projects for guiding support, if required.
  • We contact owners for guided tours inside prominent buildings.
  • We arrange accommodation with unique features and assist a seminar in the hotel conference center for your professional presentation and discussion.
  • We arrange transport for your smooth, time-saving ,enjoyable and memorable trip.


My top advice to you:

Don’t forget to move around the Scandinavian countries by using different transport. Beside the airplane, taking boats and trains would also bring plenty of fun!

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