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Private tours

Bergen Fishing

Fishing on the West coast is one of the most popular types of activity. You don’t have to spend a whole day driving to a fishing village.

For seasons 2018-2019 we can offer a group fishing tour, up to 12 people. All necessary fishing gear and equipment is included.

5 hour fishing tour: from 17.900 NOK
7 hours fishing tour: from 24.900 NOK

For smaller or bigger groups please ask for price.

We are not selling join in fishing tours.




This archipelago of small islands and rocks is very attractive to divers and fishers. You can even hunt for lobsters once a year.


For individuals and small groups (1-8)

Fishing in Oslo

Oslo fjord is a gorgeous fishing place. Fish population around the capital is stable and you have a chance to get practically any sort of local sea fish you ever heard of. Sea fishing is allowed and free, but you mast have own fishing equipment. You’ll see plenty of people fishing around the harbour area – talk to them about good spots.

Unlike sea fishing, fresh water fishing requires permit. You can read more about it here: Visit Norway

We offer fishing tours on motor cruiser for families and small groups up to 8 people. Bestseller, best for kids!


From May, 15 until August, 1

Midnight Sun Cruise

Midnight sun makes a perfect combination to the passionate, spectacular North Norwegian nature. You will admire slightly unrealistic lighting of calm fjords and beautiful mountain landscapes.

Take an evening boat trip from Tromsø pier to the West coast of Kvaløya island. If you are lucky, you can also see whales, seals, puffins and sea eagles. You will be given the opportunity to try some fishing. The cruise begins from the Tromsø center.

Price: 1995 NOK per person

Included: guide, fishing equipment, overalls and boots, warm drinks.



Tromsø Fishing

Several excellent fishing bases are situated near Tromsø. You can try your luck almost in any place, while for genuine sport fishing you may need to drive a bit outside of the city. You have a good chance of catching a superb fish because the Gulf Stream comes particularly close to the coast in this area.

Andøya Fishing Camp

On the island of Andøya, you can wander along some of Norway’s most beautiful beaches and look out over the still waters of the ocean with the midnight sun as your sole companion. The coastal waters abound in many sorts of fish such as cod, halibut, saithe, sea bass and lancet fish. In autumn you can catch some impressively large crabs. You will find your motorboat just a few kilometres away from the camp, where there is a little harbour from which you set off to go fishing. It can be reached by car, but for those without cars, the friendly crew will take you to and from the harbour for no charge. You will get a lot of valuable advice from them as well. Fishing can take place in the fjord or in the open sea, which is 7 km away.

The fishing camp can take up to 37 guests. There are 5 apartments, each of which holds 6–8 people. In each apartment there are 2–3 bedrooms, a toilet, a shower, and a fully equipped kitchen with all necessary appliances and kitchenware. There is a dining room with a TV set, and a free wireless internet connection is available in all rooms.

The closest city is just 10 km away, and from there you can join a trip to the open sea with a spectacular show: the whale safari.

Fishing Villages in North Norway

Norway’s fishing has grown in popularity and many tourists seek the Lofoten Islands in both winter and summer. The biggest cods are usually caught between January and April. On the fish-finder, you might see a cod stacked from the surface all the way to the bottom. Another highlight is the famous halibut fishing. Summer is the time to catch halibut, although the biggest often turn up in the autumn.

Norwegian fishing camps along the Lofoten coast differ in size and comfort levels, but the sea is exactly the same whether you choose to stay in Svinøya Rorbu, Reine Rorbu, Melbu or drive to the end of the island archipelago to the tiny village with the shortest name: Å.