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Ålesund City Centre

You will see Art Nouveau buildings all around the city centre. Ålesund is an iconic example of this architecture style and even has a museum that is dedicated entirely to its history and interiors.



Bryggen is also one of the most recognisable views of the city. Feel free to take a look inside the houses and courtyards as well as visit the assembly hall in the Hanseatic Museum and the Museum of Bruges.



Strøget is one of the longest pedestrian streets in the world, with beautiful old houses and a special Danish atmosphere.


Fredriksten Fortress in Halden

Fredriksten Fortress is a famous place because the Swedish king Charles XII was shot dead here while he was trying to take over the city of Halden. As soon as you upload a picture of the landscape of the fjord and islands taken from the ancient walls of the fortress, you’ll be guaranteed to receive a lot of “likes”.

Fredrikstad Old Town

The Old Town in Fredrikstad was the first Renaissance city in Norway. This isolated part of the city is mainly occupied by artists after the militaries left the town. You’ll find some pretty good chefs here too.


Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park

The Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park is an attraction for tourists from all over the world. But not many people realise that the park is also a fantastic rose garden and has a huge recreation area. Dedicate at least a couple of hours to visiting Frognerparken. Picnics on the grass are allowed, just remember to clean up.


The site is included in following tours:

Norwegian cultural heritage: Vigeland



Stavanger Culture

Join the street festival or go to a concert. You have a huge choice of cultural events all over the city.

Stavanger Old Town

Old Stavanger, the most charming part of the town overlooking the main harbour area, is absolutely worth visiting. Houses here are lovely, decorated with flower boxes, and almost every restaurant has outdoor tables.

Old city visit is a part of our Stavanger Essential Walking tour (link opens in a new window).


Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is one of the best-preserved medieval city centres in Europe. Given that it features a series of cobbled streets, baroque restaurants, and beautiful churches, Gamla Stan is the place where the capital was founded back in the 13th century.


Tromsø City Centre

Explore Tromsø on your own. The city centre is small and many houses were built long before the first polar expedition reached the sea port.


Trondheim City Centre

You can explore the city on your own easily. There are many nice observation points to view the old wooden houses on poles hugging the river, for instance. There are great views from the beautiful Old Town Bridge, which is a must-see when you take a tour to Trondheim.